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May 2019

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If you initially certified or recertified in 2017*, you may be among the more than 23,000 CRNAs due to complete their 2-year Check-in by July 31 this year. The CPC 2-year Check-in is the midpoint requirement in the 4-year Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program cycle and takes about five minutes to complete. Review the deadline chart and access the 2-year Check-in portal to complete your check-in today. Learn the what, when, and why about the 2-year Check-in here .

*TIP: Not sure if you recertified in 2017 or when you are due to check in? Login on the NBCRNA website or at . Or, to check when you recertified, click on the blue "Verify Credential" button at the top of the NBCRNA website and enter your name to find your record.

 The NBCRNA is committed to research in determining the best ways to assess knowledge as a component of competence. To further focus on this, two subcommittees of the Evaluation and Research Advisory Committee (ERAC), comprised of subject-matter experts, have been established and are working on various research projects and initiatives. The NBCRNA is looking at potential options for the CPCA as a knowledge-only assessment.
The subcommittees include:
Simulation-Based CPC Assessment Subcommittee
Methods to Assess Knowledge and Competence Subcommittee

Learn more about NBCRNA's focus on research, and upcoming and recent studies, here .
With the CPC Calculator , you can get your personalized display of what you need to do for the CPC Program with just two clicks of the mouse. Print it out for easy reference.

 Click to access the CPC Calculator .
In February 2019, the NBCRNA announced two changes to the CPC Assessment (CPCA) based on an extensive Beta Research Study on the CPCA involving the participation of more than 1,500 CRNAs, as well as a national benchmarking study. The changes announced were: 

  1. 1. Removal of the pass/fail assessment requirement of the CPC Program: no pass/fail.
  2. 2. Choice of testing location: CRNAs will have the option of taking the assessment either remotely in the comfort of their home or place of their choosing, or at a testing center.

Read the press releases . Find our more about the CPC Program .

Class B credits are the most flexible component of the CPC Program. They focus on professional engagement rather than formalized continuing education so they allow you to get credit for many of the activities you may already be doing.

Click to view the full Class B Table including descriptions, credit value, documentation needed and more.

See how some of your colleagues are earning Class B credit and s hare these  videos  with others.

Check-out These Resources

Access these helpful 2-year Check-in resources:

More CPC questions? We have answers.

Descriptions, requirements, timelines, and more. Find answers to many CPC questions asked by your peers.

View CPC FAQs and learn more about the program.
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Patients, employers, and regulators recognize that the CRNA credential stands for quality and competence in nurse anesthesia practice, creating numerous opportunities in various practice settings in an ever-changing and evolving health care environment. Learn more about the value of your CRNA credential here .

Listen to your colleagues tell some of the ways they have earned Class B credits.
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