JUNE 2022
Dear NBG Community,

Four short weeks ago, we were waiting for green-up and the return of songbirds. Today I am writing to you with my windows wide open, listening to Swainson’s thrushes singing in birch trees shimmering with vibrant green leaves. Our northern summer has arrived, along with a plenitude of activities and chores. I hope you are all faring well as you step into this season’s abundance. 

Writing a president’s letter every month for the past 30 months has become an interesting endeavor for me. I appreciate the feedback I’ve received; it reinforces how much we are trying to connect with each other and bring meaning to our lives. Last Saturday, I attended a reading in the Bear Gallery and was surprised to see a friend I haven’t seen in years. One of the first things she said to me was, “I saw the book arts show that was here last winter and it was the best show I have ever seen in Fairbanks. I mean it. It was amazing! Everything in it was amazing!” She was referring to last November’s Books As Art III Show. This is not the first time folks have referenced that show months after it occurred. My friend's accolades are a reflection of the power of art in our community. 

As artists, we are continually engaged in work that brings beauty to life. While doing that, we are simultaneously stunned by the indecipherable violence occurring in the world. The dissonance of those feelings propels me to acknowledge them, to send healing thoughts for those who are suffering, and to continually turn toward the positive work of our Guild. I’d like to acknowledge recent NBG successes: The Tiny Book Party spearheaded by Ashley Thayer, Mary Maisch’s Gelli Plate Printing class, Katie Sanders’ Garden Collage Art Cards class, Bruce Campbell’s Basic Letterpress Series, and, thanks to Laurel Herbeck, our May Program Meeting. If you have an idea for a class or if you would like to teach a class, please let me know. The NBG Board is always looking for ways to expand our offerings and to nurture members to step into teaching roles. 

There are some exciting new classes happening later in June and in July. Please take a look at the details below. Recently, the NBG Board compared our class fees with ten other book arts organizations across the country. We discovered that our rates fall at the “low end” of what most similar organizations are charging. We are trying hard to keep our rates reasonable and to also sustain our organization. As I know you’ve discovered in your personal life, everything is more expensive these days. Our studio rent has increased along with the cost of class materials. Your NBG Board wants to make sure that cost is not a hindrance to guild membership or class participation. Financial assistance is available to any NBG member. Other member benefits include reduced class fees, access to Open Studio sessions, and the ability to purchase materials from our Paper Birches supply depot. Click on the button below to request financial assistance for a class or membership. Please know that your request will be held in confidence. 

With warmest regards,
Susan Campbell
NBG President 
May-June theme:

Email a photo of your completed work and a brief description to Ashley Thayer.
Participants will be featured on our website.
Introducing Pearl:
A Fun Evening in the Letterpress Studio
with Bruce Campbell

Friday, June 17 - 5 to 8pm
Open to all NBG members
Suggested Donation $20

All NBG members are invited to get to know Pearl, our refurbished 1910 Golding Mfg. Co., Pearl Model #3 Printing Press. No previous letterpress training is necessary to join the fun. (Former letterpress class participants will ink and clean the press for you.)

Participants will operate the Pearl Press, printing double-sided coasters on quality letterpress paper disks with two colors. One side will be printed with an antique insect image, the other side with an antique teacup graphic. Everyone will take 4 coasters home when they leave.

Please arrive between 5 and 6 pm to print side one. You will place your coasters onto the guide pins, operate Pearl, and repeat for a set of 4. At 6:30, students from our recent Letterpress Class will clean and re-ink Pearl. Then you'll print the second sides of your coasters.

Cookies and tea will be provided while you wait your turn to print. If you’re curious about the intriguing art of letterpress printing, this is a perfect introduction. Come join the fun! It's an occasion!
Flag Book - A Hedi Kyle Structure
with Connie Stricks

Saturday, June 18 - 9:30am to 4:30pm
Members $90 Guests $100
Materials fee: $30
Workshop limited to 6 participants

Make payment at the Studio with cash or by check to NBG. Early enrollment is appreciated. The Studio is open from 12-2:00 every Wednesday.

Hedi Kyle created and displayed the first Flag Book entitled, “April Diary” in 1979. The flag
book functions as a traditional codex, a sculpture—turning into a circular or star shaped book
—and as a puzzle, and is credited by many as opening up a new world for book artists. When
‘reading’ as a codex, disjointed fragments of image and text are seen. When the book is fully
open, the ‘flags’ create a panoramic spread of imagery. Flag books are also known as
noisemakers owing to the ‘snapping’ sound made as the book is fanned quickly back and

We will make a 3” x 6” model with 12 flags and a 4”x 8” hardcover version with 21 flags.
Precut paper for model and final structures
Variety of papers to create flags
Double sided tape and MacTac
Precut board for model and final structures
Various embellishing materials
Face mask (to be used by consensus)
Cutting knife
Teflon or bone folder
Cutting mat with grid
Rulers 2-3 (2, 3, or 4” x 18” or 24”) Plastic quilting rulers preferred
Metal edges (optional but very handy)

NOTE: Please email the instructor to indicate your preference regarding the wearing of masks by class participants. If one person feels more comfortable with masks on, all will wear masks. To allow plenty of personal space, this class is limited to six participants.
Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival

NBG is partnering with the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival to offer three Book Arts classes in July. Click the "FSAF Registration" button below to visit the FSAF website for more information and registration.
Book Arts: Basics - July 25 & 26
Instructors: Linda Adamson and Connie Stricks

This two-day workshop is designed for the beginning student. You will learn about the tools and materials used to make books and various techniques required such as how to measure, cut, score, fold, glue, and stitch paper. All tools and materials will be supplied. A variety of books will be made--some by cutting and folding a single sheet of paper, others by folding several sheets and connecting them in various ways. We'll begin with a simple pamphlet stitched book, then make models of the Dos-a-dos, French Fold, Origami Pocket Fold, and Lotus Fold books and a small box in which to store them. We finish with 2-section and 3-section stitched books.
Book Arts: Surface Design on Paper - July 27
Instructors: Corlis Taylor and Laurel Herbeck

Create beautiful one-of-a-kind hand printed papers using a variety of techniques. Gelli plate printing, stencils, acrylic paint color blocking, marking making – these are just a few of the ways you will embellish paper to use in book making, art journals or just frame it as art. Paper, paints and all supplies provided.
Book Arts: Panorama Book - July 29
Instructor: Connie Stricks

The Panorama Book is a freestanding accordion with six broad, flat, hinged panels on which to create a visual gallery. The structure is not difficult, but requires careful folding and measuring, and lends itself to fascinating variations. It can stand by itself or be used as a flat book with covers where 'pages' turn in a traditional way. We will first make a model and then a final embellished book with wrapper. (This is a great opportunity to use some of paper made in the FSAF "Surface Design on Paper" workshop, although decorated, patterned paper will be supplied.) Materials and tools required will be supplied.
Invitation to in-person poetry reading

NBG member, Byron L. Dudley (Bukusai Ashagawa), has extended an invitation to his in-person poetry reading at the Bear Gallery on June 11th, 2022, from 6 - 7pm. He will be reading from two of his most recent books of poetry, Up the Mountain (2016), and Beyond ~ the Alyeskan Interior ~ A Way of Being; Book I ~ Furu ~ Yin (2018).
Byron thought book artists might find the layout of these two books of particular interest, especially the use of text, font styles, color, and imagery. 
MEMBERS NEWS is a new inclusion in the NBG newsletter and we welcome NBG members’ announcements and invitations to events you feel would be of interest to your fellow book artists. Special thanks to Byron for extending this invitation and to the Fairbanks Arts Association for their partnership with our Guild. 
"Artist Books Unshelved"
Online video series

The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) offers a fascinating series of short videos on their BIMA YouTube channel exploring artist books in their Cynthia Sears Artist’s Book Collection. In this series, “Artists Books Unshelved,” two books are selected and presented that share some features—content, concept, structure, etc. Offered twice a month, they provide a wonderful insight into the various aspects and full range of artist books. The most recent episode, “Deep in Place” explores two books,”Local Conditions” by Charlie O’Leary and “17927” by Jamie Lynn Shafer which use tunnel books to explore our relationship to land and place.
Looking for royalty free fonts?

Finding the perfect font for your project can be a challenge, especially when looking for a free font with particular classifications or features. Fortunately others have anticipated this demand and gathered hundreds of fonts available for download from the internet. One particular website,, has a searchable collection of over 500 unique and free fonts. Take a look at their website by following the link below, and remember to search online the next time you have a new font need!
Wildflowers, Trees, and Quaint Cabins
Spring from Su Blackwell's Book Sculptures

The enchanting, imaginative narratives usually bound between the covers of a book burst from the page in the sculptures of Su Blackwell. Often sourcing materials from secondhand shops, flea markets, and library sales, the British artist, who is based in Hastings, constructs lush gardens of birds and wildflowers and quiet cottages in the midst of evergreens that appear to emerge from vintage volumes.

NBG Open Studio & Boreal Book Arts Showcase Hours
Wednesdays, noon-2pm

UAF Summer Sessions Workshop
Pochoir Basics
June 3, 6-8:30, June 4 and 5, 10am-4pm

Letterpress: Introducing Pearl
Friday, June 17, 5-8pm

Flag Book
Saturday, June 18, 10am-4pm

NBG Program Meeting
Sunday, July 10, 1-3pm

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
Book Arts: Basics
July 25 - 26, 9am-4pm
Book Arts: Surface Design on Paper
Wednesday, July 27, 9am-4pm
Book Arts: Panorama Book
Friday, July 29, 10am-4pm

Saturday, August 6, 10am-4pm

Chinese Thread Book
September 10-11, 10am-4pm

NBG Program Meeting
Sunday, September 18, 1-3pm

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