Dear NBG Community,

For almost a month we have been living with the tragic news of Carole Romberg’s death. As a member of our Guild and Advisory Council, Carole shared her kindness, warmth, and grace with us. For those of us who knew her and spent time with her in NBG classes, meetings, and studio gatherings, we are grieving the shocking loss of a gentle, creative, and thoughtful friend. We have been shaken by the senselessness of Carole’s death and the wrenching, utterly unanswerable question: Why?

Since Carole’s passing I have looked for comfort from writers and poets. I have found wisdom in the advice of psychologist, Dr. Mary Pipher: “…the best way to cope with suffering is to face it. We must feel it in our bodies, explore its meaning and then muster our inner resources to move forward. We find ways to balance our despair with joy. We reach out to our friends and family. We find a way to help another person. Action is always an antidote to despair. [At times like these] focusing on the light in the world is hard work.”

I agree with Dr. Pipher, it is an arduous task to simultaneously hold the world’s beauty and brokenness. Our Guild is continually looking for ways to bring beauty into the world. Seared by the darkness of this tragedy, we seek to honor Carole and the beauty of her life. Gathering with friends and family is one way we can honor her, share our grief, and seek solace in each other’s company. Carole’s family is hosting a celebration of her life this Saturday, October 8, 4pm, at the Birch Hill Ski Area facility, 101 Wilderness Drive. I have attached Carole’s obituary and the invitation to the Birch Hill gathering. If you would like to share a memory or photo of Carole, there is a link on the invitation.

This poem by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer is a buoy for me. I share it with you in acknowledgement of all the ways we are woven together, in friendship and community, as we grieve the loss of our dear friend, Carole Romberg.
Safety Net 
This morning I woke
thinking of all the people I love
and all the people they love
and how big the net
of lovers. It felt so clear,
all those invisible ties
interwoven like silken threads
strong enough to make a mesh
that for thousands of years
has been woven and rewoven
to catch us all.
Sometimes we go on
as if we forget
about it. Believing only
in the fall. But the net
is just as real. Every day,
with every small kindness,
with every generous act,
we strengthen it. Notice,
even now, how
as the whole world
seems to be falling, it
is there for us as we
walk the day’s tightrope,
how every tie matters.

With warmest regards,
Susan Campbell
NBG President
September-October theme:
Email a photo of your completed work and a brief description to Ashley Thayer.
Participants will be featured on our website. Below is Magdeleine Ferru's "In My Garden There Is" created for the July/August Challenge theme "Garden".
The Hornbook Project
Saturday, October 8, 1-3pm

In Person at the NBG Studio
Stream live via Zoom
(Click button below for link)

Please join us for a free informational meeting about
Northwoods Book Arts Guild's newest offering, The Hornbook Project!
Ashley Thayer will give a presentation on the historic portion, followed by Margo Klass and Susan Campbell discussing inspiration for the contemporary aspect of this two part project. A recording of the meeting will be available for those unable to attend.
Contact Ashley Thayer with any questions.
What is a hornbook?

A hornbook was often an alphabetical tablet or printed lesson sheet pasted to a paddle shaped board then covered by a thin sheet of horn to prevent the paper and its contents from being soiled or damaged. The sheet of horn was kept in place by strips of brass with nails tacked to hold the horn in place. There was often a hole in the handle through which a strap was attached that allowed the child to carry their HB hanging from their waist or wrist. They were used in Colonial America, and their use probably began prior to 1400 in Europe.

Rasmuson Foundation Awards Ceremony
Friday October 7, 6-8pm
on Zoom

The Northwoods Book Arts Guild has received a Rasmuson Foundation 2022 Project Award and will be recognized at the awards banquet on Friday October 7th. Tune into the event and celebrate with Alaskan artists from across the state by click the button below for the Zoom link.
Art-o-Mat Project Prototype Brainstorming Session
Sunday October 16, 1-2:30pm
on Zoom

Don your creative thinking cap and join us for the first Art-o-Mat project prototype brainstorming session on October 16th via Zoom. After a brief project introduction, we will cover requirements for making the first batch of NBG's small books and open the mic for idea sharing. Watch your inbox for a Zoom link invitation on Friday October 15th.
NBG Annual Meeting
Sunday October 30, 1-3pm
Riverview Plaza Condominium Community Room
80 B Street, Fairbanks, Alaska
(parking in the condominium lot or on the street)

After our 3-year Covid break, we will gather - masked and in person - 
for this year’s NBG Annual Meeting!

Annual Report
Election of Officers 
Book Challenge Show & Tell



The biggest, most exciting auction ever! 
all things related to bookmaking - tools, materials, books
bookmaking ephemera
huge collection of items from Margo’s studio-downsizing
The Ever Famous Scarf Emporium
 Rotate your scarf collection! Bring some for others! Buy new ones for yourself!

If you would like to donate book arts items or scarves to the auction, please bring your donations to the NBG Studio during Open Studio hours: 
Wednesdays: October 12, 19, 22, noon-2pm
(Items will also be accepted at the Annual Meeting)

You will be able to join NBG or renew your membership at this meeting. 
Cash, check, credit cards accepted.
NBG First Friday Event
December 2, 5-8pm
At the NBG Studio

We are excited to be planning our first First Friday event to be held in our Caribou Building studio! We’re developing a series of displays that represent some of our varied activities: classes, outreach, letterpress, and exhibitions. We will be refreshing our Boreal Book Arts Showcase, the Guild’s cooperative location for members to sell their handcrafted work, and would like to include pieces from as many members as possible. If you are an NBG member and have handmade books, cards, boxes, broadsides, LP items, and book arts accessories you would like to sell in the Showcase, please bring them to the NBG studio during Open Studio hours, Noon-2:00pm, every Wednesday. Items must be received by November 30th to be included in our December 2 First Friday Event. (If you have questions, please email the contact below.)
NBG Board of Directors

Have you ever wondered how you could be more involved in the Northwoods Book Arts Guild, Alaska’s farthest north book arts organization? Consider applying to join our board! We are a dedicated group of 11 volunteers who are committed to NBG’s mission which is focused on “actively learning about and creating artist books in Fairbanks, Alaska, while promoting all aspects of book arts through education, participation in exhibitions, and community outreach.” Each board member has a “seat” on the Board and also serves on various committees. We are seeking a board member to serve in the role of secretary. The secretary is responsible for taking minutes at the monthly meetings and then emailing them to board members. We are also interested in creating an NBG presence on social media platforms and would love to hear from anyone who has the skill and desire to join the Communication & Technology committee.
The NBG Board meets as a full group once a month, for 2 hours, on Zoom with eight other committees meeting separately as needed. Other committees include: Communication & Technology, Membership, Education & Planning, Letterpress, Exhibitions, Development, Studio & Library, and Outreach. New officers and committee members will be seated beginning January 2023. If you have questions or are interested in becoming more involved in NBG please contact our current president, Susan Campbell, and let her know. To continue to be a dynamic organization we need the support of dynamic members. Thank you for considering this opportunity!
Looking for inspiration for the NBG Book Challenge theme of "Mythical"? Consider exploring the world of guided "junk journal" videos. Below are a few to get you started. 

A combination of lovely fabric swatches, gold acrylic highlights, and themed papers turn this Alchemy Mystical junk journal into a genuine imagination voyage:

Incorporating sewing machine stitching and tiny bottles on strings elevates this Enchanted Forest into an ethereal reality:

Dare to avoid the siren-like beckoning of the beautifully formatted pages and pockets in this Mermaid themed junk journal. You may never break free from the spell of the internet after watching this video…
Quick tip: If your enthusiasm to see the next page is bubbling over, click on the small gear symbol in the corner of the video's window to change the playback speed. Often times selecting 1.5 or 1.75 allows for understanding the auditory descriptions, yet satisfies one's curiosity to more quickly view contents of the upcoming pages.

NBG Open Studio & Boreal Book Arts Showcase Hours
Wednesdays, noon-2pm
(closed November 23 and December 21)

Horn Book Introductory Meeting
Saturday, October 8, 1-3pm
(In-Studio and on Zoom)

Horn Book Work Session
Wednesday, October 12, 5:30-8:30pm
At the Folk School Fairbanks

Horn Book Work Session
Saturday, October 14, 5:30-8:30pm
At the Folk School Fairbanks

Art-o-Mat Prototype Brainstorming Session
Sunday, October 16, 1-2:30pm
(on Zoom)

Horn Book Finishing Session
Wednesday, October 19, 12-2:00pm

Horn Book Finishing Session
Saturday, October 22, 12-2:00pm

NBG Annual Meeting/Silent Auction
Sunday, October 30, 1-3:00pm
80 B Street, Community Room

Horn Book Contemporary Consultation Session
Wednesday, November 2, 12-2:00pm

NBG First Friday Studio Event
Friday, December 2, 5-8:00pm
Learn about and support Northwoods Book Arts Guild!