NBGA Winter 2020 Meeting

Hyatt House Washington, DC/ The Wharf
725 Wharf St. SW, Washington, DC 20024

Monday, Feb 3:
Travel day
Executive committee meeting

Tuesday, Feb 4:
Board meets all day
Dinner at Bluejacket Brewery

Wednesday, Feb 5:
Hill visits
Barley, Brews, and Boots reception

Thursday, Feb 6:
Board meets until noon

In This Issue:

  • China Phase I Agreement
  • Waters of the U.S.


On January 16th, the U.S. Senate passed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) by a vote of 89-10 and President Trump signed it on January 29th. USMCA replaces NAFTA and maintains the existing policies for agricultural trade.
China Phase I Agreement

On January 15th, President Trump and China's Vice Premier Liu He signed a Phase I Trade Agreement. Under the agreement, China will purchase at least $80 billion worth of U.S. ag products over the next two years. China will not lift the retaliatory tariffs that have been imposed on certain American goods, instead they will likely issue waivers or exclusions for the tariffs on any goods purchased toward the $80 billion commitment. The agreement does not prescribe amounts for specific products that China will purchase. U.S. ag producers will compete for sales to China, which will total at least $80 billion over the next two years.

Waters of the U.S.

On January 23rd, the Administration announced a new definition for "waters of the United States." The Navigable Waters Protection Rule seeks to end uncertainty over where federal jurisdiction begins and ends. The revised definition identified four categories of waters that are federally regulated under the Clean Water Act: 1) the territorial seas and traditional navigable waters, 2) perennial and intermittent tributaries, 3) certain lakes, ponds, and impoundments, and 4) wetlands that are adjacent to jurisdictional waters. Environmental groups have indicated their intent to sue to block the rule, and final implementation could be impacted by the courts.

Upcoming Barley Industry Events
February 2020: NBGA Winter Meeting in DC 2/3-2/6; Craft Maltsters Guild Advanced Class in Craft Malt Production 2/3-2/6; Craft Malt Conference in Fort Collins, CO 2/7-2/8, Craft Maltsters Guild Annual Meeting 2/8; Idaho Barley Commission Research Review (Joint with Idaho Wheat Commission) in Boise, ID 2/20; Idaho Barley Commission Meeting in Boise, ID 2/21; Canadian Barley Symposium and BRMBRI Triennial Meeting Winnipeg, AB 2/24-2/25

March 2020: National Barley Improvement Committee, Washington, DC 3/8-3/11

April 2020: World Beer Cup San Antonio, TX 4/17-4/19; Craft Brewers Conference San Antonio, TX 4/19-4/22
May 2020:

June 2020: Idaho Barley Commission Annual Budget Meeting in Soda Springs, ID 6/11-6/12; NBGA meeting tentatively scheduled for 6/15-6/18 in St. Louis, MO

July 2020:

August 2020: MBAA and ASBC World Brewing Congress Minneapolis, MN 8/1-8/4

September 2020: Great American Beer Festival Denver, CO 9/24-9/26

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