National Black Nurses Association
NBNA Presidents Asks for More Action to Prevent Violence

July 18, 2016

Dear NBNA Members,

 As I reflect over the meaningless acts of violence we have witnessed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana,  Dallas, Texas and St. Paul, Minnesota, I am reminded that more needs to be done in our call to eliminate violence in our communities. The attack on police officers only illustrates continued unrest/illness in our country.  It's a sad time in America; our hearts mourn the deaths of people in preventable and hideous situations.  We need to continue to increase awareness of violence in our communities and view violence as a public health crisis.  Also, let's remember the officers across the nation and citizens who perished in violent crimes as well.

These random acts of violence reminds us that we need to continue to be proactive in the reduction of violence.  We need all chapters to work in a collaborative fashion with local officials and community partners to facilitate change and promote cohesiveness. NBNA began looking at violence as a health policy issue in February 2016. NBNA continues to promote social justice and view gun violence as a form of social injustice and a health care disparity.  It is our responsibility to educate others regarding the economic and health burden of violence and its impact on creating a culture of safety.

More needs to be done! I urge all chapters of NBNA to implement programs in your communities.  Contact your Members of Congress today!  Ask for gun control laws to be implemented. Now is the time to be leaders of change and organize non - violence activities.  Join NBNA and others in prayer to eliminate senseless acts of violence in America. 

Join us at the NBNA Conference, August 2-7, at the Memphis Cook Convention Center for the Violence Reduction Institute and the Violence Reduction Plenary Session.  

More activities will be scheduled during the week of October 15 - October 23, 2016.

In solidarity,

Eric J. Williams, DNP, RN, CNE