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This past June National Benefit Partners launched a small business division called eVolve Marketplace. This division was created to provide our distributors in the 10-250 life space with the industry's first ever Employee Benefits In A Box. This portfolio combines the 'best-in-class' benefit solutions you've come to expect from NBP including products, services, technology, and communication all from a single source. The Marketplace streamlines and innovates the Employee Benefits process and creates a quick, easy, and repeatable plug-and-play solution.


Heading up this division is Gail Stark and Matt Boeshore who both joined National Benefit Partners in 2015.  Gail and Matt bring several years of experience in working in the mid to small case voluntary benefit market place and we are excited to have them onboard. You can read their full bio in this newsletter under "New NBP Team Members".  


This will be the first enrollment season for EB in a Box from eVolve Marketplace and we're excited to see how this will help expand your market to smaller clients and increase your revenues.

Our story can help you navigate through the open seas of voluntary benefits.
We offer comprehensive benefits plans that are underwritten specifically for you and your employees. We went to some of the best carriers in the market to obtain the most aggressive concessions to give you the most competitive advantage.
Enrolling multiple options from multiple carriers becomes very cumbersome very quickly. Luckily for you, we paired our "Best in Class" portfolio with a third party streamlined enrollment system so you have the efficiency to not disrupt the workplace.
By combining several carriers and several options together, billing can very quickly become a nightmare. Not with EB in A Box. We have consolidated all carriers into one simple bill for your peace of mind. Oh by the way, this aspect costs you nothing!
By being your one stop shop for a "Best in Class" portfolio, we take the complications out of doing business. We combine every aspect of the process, along with our expertise, to streamline typical hurdles and pre-negotiate the best for you... all at no cost.

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Enrollment Season
ACA Tracking
New NBP Team Members
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Quick Links
What's New at NBP?      
For more than half a century, Bankers Fidelity Life® has provided Americans with valuable, customer oriented insurance products. Their commitment to fair and fast payment of claims has earned us a reputation for quality service to their policyowners and families. Bankers Worksite is an innovative provider of voluntary benefits that include Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, Short Term Care, Dental, Vision, Disability and Life Insurance. Their wide array of both group and individual insurance benefits helps protect employees and their families in the event of illness or injury. Two products that really caught NBP's attention are the Accident Medical Expense and Mediflex Plus. These are innovative products that fit very well in high deductible health plans. 

RX Cut is powered by Appro RX which is a free prescription savings card which provides access to discounts of up to 75 percent off prescription drugs. Medications have been the fastest growing component of healthcare costs for the past 5 years. The costs can vary significantly by drug, insurance coverage, and pharmacy. As more people rely on prescription medication this can lead to significant percentage of household income. Cardholders get access to the absolute lowest price on their generic prescriptions; whether it's the Appro-Rx discounted price, the insurance copayment or the pharmacy cash price. Visit the website and use the pharmacy price search to find the lowest priced option for your medications. Visit the local supermarket pharmacy and present this card with your prescription for the lowest price. Here's a success story with the RxCut Prescription Savings Card.
My wife's insurance informed her that her prescription was going to cost $88 for a 30 day supply (cash price $205). We went to RxCut's website to see what the price was through the Prescription Savings Card and the website directed us to Kmart's pharmacy where we were able to get her prescription filled for $19 using the prescription savings card. The Pharmacy Price Search tool on the RxCut website was very easy to use and took a total of 5 minutes. What I found surprising was the differences in prices among pharmacies. For example CVS was going to charge $111 for a 30 day supply. It definitely pays to check on--line first.


NBP RX Cut Website


    Code SixFour is Now Available to Grow Your Business


As part of National Benefit Partners we are consistently trying to find the best in class products and services to help your business succeed. We recently came across a leading technology resource (Code SixFour) that can make a big impact on how you do business and help you achieve maximum growth and profitability.


Code SixFour is a consulting automation platform that is gaining tremendous traction in the market.  The technology equips you and your agency with the tools and resources to close larger deals, at higher win rates, while also bringing new efficiencies to your practice.  We believe Code SixFour can separate you even further from your competition.  They have proven results and a unique and exciting value proposition that we know you will want to hear about.


Code SixFour brings you and your agency a plethora of tools, all within a single, comprehensive software and content package:

Fee for service calculator

Proposal & content automation

Dynamic enrollment communications generator

Plan design benchmarking

Voluntary benefits recommendation engine

Claims & health risk modeling

Marketing content library

ACA Compliance Audits

Employer / Employee surveys

And many more


We cordially invite you to an exclusive webinar for NBP Allied Distributors for you to hear how you can have over 1,000+ customized consulting and marketing content branded to your agency at the click of a button. 


As an Allied Distributor of NBP we pre-negotiated a significant savings from their standard street pricing. Visit their website and contact us to set-up a demo.

It's Enrollment Season!

It's our busiest and most profitable time of the year so it's a good time to review all the great products and services NBP offers. NBP expects to see strong sales in accident, critical illness and GAP products to meet the uncovered medical expenses of employees. We also expect to see non-traditional products like telemedicine, identity theft, and MEC/MVP plans to increase in popularity.
Si nce 2003 the employee contribution for family coverage has increased 89%. The average cost per employee is almost $12,000. This expense, coupled with the loss of income, can be a catastrophic event for many families. This is why supplemental benefits are more important now than ever.
NBP's Best in Class combination of products and services can be  customize to meet your client's benefit and financial needs. Here's the list of our current carriers and a brief overview of our portfolio. You can also visit our website for more detailed information. Let NBP know how we can help you plan for a record breaking enrollment season!

Allied Carrier Partners

Allied Service Partners


Product Highlights

Permanent Life Insurance:
* LifeTime Benefit Term - term to age 120 with LTC
* Universal Life with LTC

Term Life Insurance:
* Basic group term
* 10, 15, 20, 30 year term
* Schedule of benefits
* Pool of money

Critical Illness & Cancer
Disability (STD & LTD)
* Individual
* Group
* Customized plan designs
GAP & Hospital Indemnity
Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) & Minimum Value Plans (MVP)
Call a Doctor Plus (telemedicine)
Dental & Vision
Long Term Care
RxCut - discount prescription drug card  
Lifelock Identity Theft

Legal Access legal plans

Pet Insurance

All the products listed above can be combined for the best fit for your client. The eVolve Marketplace can be utilized for your small clients with 10-250 lives. See the article in this newsletter for more information about EB in a Box.


Does Your Client Need ACA Tracking?
The ACA tracking rules are formidable but if an employer doesn't comply the penalties are huge. Since the rules and compliance are managed by the IRS it should be no surprise that the recordkeeping is daunting.

Clients in industries with constant changing schedules and people are particularly at risk. Examples of businesses are staffing, janitorial, contract Security, hospitality, retail, restaurant, food service, home care, construction and farming. Often this client doesn't have the staff or procedures in place to comply with ACA Tracking.
Now you can provide ACA Tracking to your clients. NBP is pleased to offer Mutual of Omaha ACA Tracking to our Allied Distributors. ACA Tracking manages data integration to employer's payroll, benefit and time and attendance systems. ACA Tracking provides automatic notification of newly eligible employees and will calculate the series codes each month for every eligible employee and dependent. ACA Tracking will also print and mail the 1095/4-C to all employees and ACA Tracking provides a call center for employee questions. Speaking of questions here are a few you can ask your customers to see if they are a candidate for ACA Tracking.

  1. Can they track variable hour employees within a correct initial measurement period?
  2. Does their current system include the logic for the break in service rules outlined in the law?
  3. Will their current system notify them of enrollment eligibility at the right time, with enough time to get someone enrolled in your plan?
  4. Will their current system keep track of those who have waived coverage and why or those on Medicaid? Do they have a way to track anyone who might be eligible for subsidy?
  5. Do they have a way to track dependent coverage and other elections?
  6. Will all of this be easily transferable to the reporting specifications required on a monthly and annual basis?
If your client has a pretty steady workforce with clear definitions between part-time and full-time with little to no turnover, they might be able to self manage but is it worth the risk? NBP can provide ACA Tracking from Mutual of Omaha for free with other Mutual of Omaha products!
Contact NBP to find out how to offer ACA Tracking FREE to your customers.

NEW NBP Team Members
 Doug Kreszl
 Director of Sales & Marketing 
Joined National Benefit Partners in 2015 as Director of Sales and Marketing. Prior to National Benefit Partners, Doug worked for Hartford Funds in their Investment Advisory Group heading up research for Alternatives and Asset Allocation Funds from 2013-2015. Prior to that Doug worked at Mercer for 11 years as an investment consultant, advising corporations on their Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plan investments. Doug graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Business Administration, major Finance, from Rider University. Doug Kreszl is a CFP® certificate.  
 Gail Stark   
eVovle Marketplace Divison
Gail Stark joined NBP in June to help launch the eVolve Marketplace, a new division of NBP. Gail's professional experience has been based on the understanding that fulfilling the needs of the client has to be the cornerstone of his efforts to ensure success. As a Partner with eVolve Benefits, Gail used his extensive experience in corporate environments and his depth of knowledge within the Voluntary Insurance industry to provide the optimal solution for the insurance broker. Gail has spent over two years carefully building a base of experience and knowledge within the Voluntary Insurance industry. Through these efforts he has become uniquely qualified to launch the eVolve Marketplace endeavor.
  Matt Boeshore
 eVovle Marketplace Divison
Matt Boeshore joined NBP in June to help launch the eVolve Marketplace, a new division of NBP. Matt's professional experience has been based on the need to build the long term relationship with both clients and brokers. He has eight years of experience in employee benefits brokerage and consulting. As a Partner with eVolve Benefits, Matt used his entrepreneurial spirit to innovatively assist brokers by providing an efficient and effective way of entering the Voluntary market. With past relationships and experience in the Voluntary world, Matt brings years of product, carrier, and technology experience that make The eVolve Marketplace so special.
Marcia Ellis   
 Director of Business Development
Marcia Ellis joined NBP in August as Director of  Business Development. Marcia will be responsible for developing new NBP business initiatives and managing them from inception to conclusion generating added value for our Allied Distributors and additional revenue to NBP. Marcia's has a strong background in healthcare, project management, sales and business development. Marcia has held senior positions with Ascension Health, Dell Healthcare Division, and Leidos Healthcare. Marcia has also worked independently with various healthcare organizations and companies providing management and business development leadership in healthcare and related business verticals.
NBP has a NEW website
check out the latest products and information

 NBP has a new website with easy access to product information.  All product information is in one place and the interactive links provide more detail on products and services.
NBP also has blog and the latest industry news. 


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National Benefit Partners is an independent marketing organization that specializes in developing turn-key product and service platforms for voluntary employee benefits.


Our mission is to provide employees and their families with comprehensive solutions to protecting their financial future through group life and health insurance plans. As part of our mission, we partner with brokers across the country to help them deliver an affordable employee benefit package that meets or exceeds their customers' expectations.


Our alliance with a select group of leading Carriers enables us to build and provide "best-in-class" product, service, technology, and communication platforms - all from a single point of contact. Our team of seasoned NBP professionals is dedicated to bringing knowledge, expertise, and high-touch personal service to our relationship with our brokers and their clients.


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