March 2016
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Technology in Our Schools!
Last month, our district completed Phase 1 of our roll out to provide a number of computing resources to staff and students! We are very excited to announce that we have completed the delivery of 220 Chromebook carts as well as 6,400 Chromebooks to classrooms in Grades 3-12. 

School Principals are facilitating the implementation of the district's Google Chromebook Management, Security and Instructional roll outs in order to make the use of this technology in the classroom easy and efficient for everyone. 

We have also commenced Phase 2 of our roll out and have begun the process of redeploying desktop computers into all of our K-2 classrooms. 

Phase 3
The next phase of our roll out involves the redeployment of over 1600 laptop computers. Although these computers will be considered District property, it is our hope that teachers will bring these from class to class, to meetings, and even bring them home, so that the laptops truly facilitate their work wherever they happen to be located. Our hope is that the laptop re-deployment will be completed this month!
Facilitating Teaching and Learning!
How can 1:1 technology increase student learning potential?

Giving each student access to a computing device will:
  1. Expand learning beyond the school building and school day
  2. Enhance differentiation potential and targets a variety of learning modalities and styles
  3. Allow students more opportunities to use higher order thinking skills
  4. Provide our students and teachers with updated information and valuable research tools
  5. Help our students to become technologically skilled and literate and thus better prepared for modern workplaces.
  Chromebook for Education Overview 

Technology How To's
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