NC 4-H Horse Program Newsletter

Volume 7, Issue 2 February 2021
Upcoming Educational Contests
NC 4-H Horse Program Educational Event & Horse Show Sponsors Needed!

As we prepare for the 2021 contest and show season, the NC 4-H Horse Program is seeking donors to support the six different educational contests and the State 4-H Horse Show. For more details, and to make a contribution, please use the forms linked below. Sponsorships can be paid via check or online using the link in the payment information section on the forms.

2021 Virtual Horsebowl Challenge

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, and the inability of districts to host qualifying events, the 2021 NC 4-H Horsebowl Contest will not be held in person. However, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering a Virtual Horsebowl Challenge on March 13th. The details for this event are outlined below.

  • Junior Rookie
  • For youth ages 8-13 that have never competed in a Horsebowl Contest on the District or State level
  • Junior
  • For youth ages 8-13
  • Senior Rookie
  • For youth ages 14-18 that have never competed in a Horsebowl Contest on the District or State level
  • Senior
  • For youth ages 14-18 that have not competed in national-level horsebowl contests

More information can be found here.
The deadline to register is March 1.
Virtual Horsebowl Practice Sessions

NC 4-Hers are invited to participate in virtual horsebowl practices for their age division (Junior Rookie, Junior, Senior Rookie, Senior). These practices are open to everyone so 4-Hers can learn more about horsebowl, practice answering questions, and meet other horse-loving 4-Hers from across the state!

Participants will also become comfortable with playing matches in a virtual format, and have a chance to test their internet connection. Youth can sign up for as many of the practices as they wish; please sign up no later than 9:00 AM the day of the practice. The last practice date is March 5th.

For more information, to see the practice schedule, and to sign up for the practices, please visit the Horsebowl page on the website.
2021 Virtual Hippology Contest

The NC State 4-H Horse Hippology Contest will be conducted virtually on March 27th, 2021. Registered contestants will be shared a link to an online platform and they must complete all phases between 9:00AM and 3:00PM that day.

Contest Entry Fee is $5.00. Cloverbud participants are free.
If a Junior, Junior Rookie, Senior, or Senior Rookie, enrolled in the NC State 4-H Virtual Hippology Academy, they will not owe an entry fee.

A Coaches/Participant Meeting will be held: March 25th, at 7:30PM on Zoom. If a youth is competing on a team, the entire team's information must be entered on the same form.

Please thoroughly read the Hippology Contest section in the NC 4-H Horse Program Official Rulebook (page 172-176) for additional information on contest rules, regulations, and procedures. NEW RULES FOR 2021 are HIGHLIGHTED YELLOW! A station portion for the contest has been added for 2021.

To enter the contest, click here. The deadline to enter is March 16th.
NC State 4-H Virtual Hippology Academy

This educational series of modules are self-paced and designed to help NC 4-H coaches and contestants prepare for future Hippology contests. The following topics may be featured:
  • Study Strategies
  • Navigating Resources
  • Practice Exams, Slide IDs, and Stations
  • For Rookie, Junior, and Senior

4-Hers that are enrolled in the course that want to compete in the 2021 NC 4-H State Hippology contest will have their entry fee waived. Additional details will be included on the contest registration form.

To register for this course, you can access it here.

If you have not previously registered for an NC State University Reporter Course, you will need to click "Create New Account" to start the registration process.
2021 NC State 4-H Judging Contest

Save the Date! The 2021 NC State 4-H Horse Judging Contest will be held April 10th, 2021. Depending on COVID restrictions, this event may be held in person at St. Andrews. If restrictions are in place that prohibit an in-person event, the contest will be moved to an online format and will take place on this same day. Contestants will give oral reasons via Zoom.

For more information, you can find it on our website, or by following the links below:

NC State 4-H Horse Judging Virtual Academy OPEN!

NC 4-H'ers, coaches, leaders, and parents are invited to register for the NC 4-H Virtual Horse Judging Academy. This is a set of online, self-paced modules that focus on how to prepare for horse judging contests. How to organize and deliver oral reasons will be covered, along with multiple example sets of oral reasons that are delivered by former horse judging team members. In addition, there are several practice classes and presentations on how to judge Halter, Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Ranch Riding, Gaited Pleasure, and Country English Pleasure.

The cost to register is $15. These modules will be open and available for review until December 31, 2021. You can access the page as frequently as you wish. Registered 4-H'ers that wish to compete in the April 10 State 4-H Horse Judging Contest will not have to pay a registration fee to compete in the contest (a registration form will still need to be submitted).

When you register you will also have the option, at an additional fee of $6, to have a copy of the new NC 4-H Horse Program Horse Judging Manual sent to the address provided! This manual has been updated for 2021 and contains details on notetaking, criteria for judging and scoring classes, organizing reasons, terminology, and sample sets of reasons. This resource is designed to be helpful to both coaches and contestants at all levels.

To obtain the registration details, please complete this form.
Other Information
2021 Calendar Of Events

To view the most up-to-date calendar of events, access via the link above. Event dates and locations are all subject to change depending on state and local restrictions and requirements.

Be sure to save the date for 2021 Qualifying Horse Shows:
West- May 1-2 Arden, NC
East- May 1-2, Williamston, NC
South– May 14-16, Lake Waccamaw, NC
North– May 21-23, Raleigh, NC

State 4-H Horse Show: July 7-11, 2021
Achievement Awards Program

The NC 4-H Horse Program Achievement Award is an annual application/submission of accomplishments within 4-H, with a specific focus on horse program achievements that is cumulative beginning with the applicant’s first year in the horse program.

There are 4 levels of accomplishment that youth can apply to earn annually. Youth can potentially earn more than level (especially the first year they apply).

Bronze: 150 points, bronze patch
Silver: 300 points, silver patch
Gold: 450 points, gold patch
Emerald: 700 points, embroidered jacket

Applications are due MARCH 1, 2021.

For further information on the new awards program, and the application forms, check it out here.
2021 Rules & Regulations Manual

The NC 4-H Horse Program Rules and Regulations Manual has been updated and reflects all the new rules and updates for the 2021 season. If you plan to show or enter any educational contests, please be sure to review all the rules for your particular division or contest.

Rule changes and additions are highlighted yellow for your convenience.
2021 Eligibility Card Instructions

The eligibility card procedure will be the same as in 2019 and 2020. Please consult your local N.C. Cooperative Extension agent to be sure that you are meeting all the requirements in order to receive your card. Read below for a summary of the steps that need to be followed.

There is not a specific deadline for the completion of the request form. However, youth need to be sure to have all paperwork (including eligibility cards) completed in time to meet entry deadlines for their selected qualifying show. As soon as qualifying show packets are shared with EHH, we will post them on the website here.

The 2021 Horse Show Qualifying Dates are:
  • West: May 1-2, Arden, NC
  • East: May 1-2, Williamston, NC
  • South: May 14-16, Lake Waccamaw, NC
  • North: May 21-23, Raleigh, NC

The 2021 NC State 4-H Horse Show is July 7-11, Raleigh, NC
Open Horse Show Judges' Academy Now Available

This virtual academy is designed to provide the open horse show judge, or those studying to become an open horse show judge, with additional learning resources through a virtual platform through a variety of disciplines. Each section will have recorded lectures from a variety of experienced judges and instructors that you can view as many times as you desire. Each section will also have practice classes that you can place on your own, followed by an official placing and reasons for that placing. There are also additional quiz sections to test your knowledge of each section. No grades are assigned for the completion of this course; these quizzes are intended as an additional educational tool to help you retain the material.

Modules Featured:

Halter/Conformation – All disciplines 
Western- Western Pleasure, Ranch Riding 
Hunter- Equitation Over Fences, Stock Type & USEF Hunter Under Saddle 
Saddle Seat- Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, Show Hack
Gaited- How to judge all types of gaited together

Cost of registration: $50

This course is open and will remain open until October 20, 2021. Click here to register.
4-H Spotlight
We have so many amazing current and former 4-H'ers in the North Carolina Horse Program! What better way to showcase all the great things that they're doing across the state, than to highlight them in the monthly newsletter. If you would like to be featured in our newsletter, please click here to fill out a short survey!
Victoria Smith

Victoria is a current member of 4-H, who joined 4-H in 2013 where she has remained a member of the Chatham County Horsekateers.

What activities, events, or contests did/have you participate(d) in?

I competed in all of the Horse Program Educational Events: Horsebowl, Hippology, and Horse Judging. In addition, I also did livestock projects and judging, poultry judging, presentations, public speaking contests, and
4-H Horse Shows.

What are your favorite memories from 4-H?

My favorite memories are from the various contests and events that I have attended with my 4-H. Traveling with them is always lots of fun.

Please describe a particular horse program accomplishment that you are most proud of:

I am most proud of my high placings in Horse Judging and the skills that I have taken away from participating in those different events.

Please describe something non-horse or
non-4-H related that you enjoy doing or in which you have experienced success.

I have experienced success with FFA competitions as well, and through the competitions I have done with 4H, I have been able to apply those skills to FFA. With those skills, I have gone and place very well in Beef, Dairy, and Horse Judging contests.
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