DPP Lifestyle Coach Network Newsletter
July 2020

Welcome DPP Lifestyle Coaches and Program Coordinators!
Newsletter Highlights
The NC Diabetes Advisory Council Awards & Scholarship
Closes in 2 Weeks!
Nominate an organization, employer or individual for one of three Diabetes Advisory Council Awards or apply for the NEW Diabetes Educator Scholarship ( Offering funding for DPP Master Training )!

DPPs Transitioning During COVID-19
Resources for organizations transitioning to distance learning during COVID-19.
Support For North Carolina CDC-Recognized Organizations
Personal Success Tool (PST) from the National DPP.
DPP Lifestyle Coach Landing Page at diabtesfreenc.com.
DPP Lifestyle Coach Network Webinars.
DPP Lifestyle Coach AdvancedTrainings
FREE Advanced DPP Lifestyle Coach training opportunities from DTTAC and ADCES.
The DPP Navigator can connect eligible participants to your DPP.
Receive DPP referrals securely via NCCARE360.
The NC Diabetes Advisory Council Awards & Scholarship Closes in 2 Weeks!
The North Carolina Diabetes Advisory Council Awards recognize individuals or groups who have performed outstanding work in diabetes prevention and management.
Nominate your diabetes hero or apply for the educator scholarship today!
Awards and Scholarship Categories:
John Bowdish Community Award
Myrna Miller Employer Award
Health Care Provider Award
Hugh Young Educator Scholarship *NEW in 2020*

Application form closes July 31, 2020 at 5pm
DPPs Transitioning During COVID-19

Resources for Organizations Transitioning to Distance Learning

Are you interested in transitioning to distance learning to continue offering DPP classes?
Medicare DPP Guidance
Click "View Resources" below to view Medicare Supplier Guidance during COVID-19.
Support For North Carolina CDC-Recognized Organizations
CDC Personal Success Tool
The Personal Success Tool (PST) can help you keep participants engaged and active even when they can’t come to in-person sessions.
PST Features:

  • Easy to use online modules available anytime, and anywhere.

  • Motivational videos, quizzes and pledges for your participants.

  • Resources and information you can trust - after all, the PST was developed with input from coaches like you.
Where do you begin?

The Lifestyle Coaches Guide offers an overview of 4 easy steps to get started.

Additional Features:
DPP Lifestyle Coach Landing Page
DiabetesFreeNC has a landing page exclusively for North Carolina DPP Lifestyle Coaches!
Innovative Strategies for North Carolina Diabetes Prevention Programs is a new best-practice guide for CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coaches and Program Coordinators.
DPP Lifestyle Coach Network Webinars
Save the Date!
Our next DPP Lifestyle Coach Network Webinar is Tuesday, August 11th at 10:30am.
Be prepared to share concerns about how COVID-19 is impacting DPP success.
The registration link will be available the first week of August.

Register here to watch the recorded April 2020 webinar: "Educating and Supporting North Carolina's Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Lifestyle Coaches "
DPP Lifestyle Coach Advanced Training
Free Advanced Lifestyle Coach Training Opportunities
Register Today for Live Webinars in August!
What is a DPP Navigator?

The DPP Navigators with DiabetesFreeNC are located at the NC Division of Public Health and are available to support your organization's enrollment goals by sending DPP referrals for eligible individuals interested in enrolling in new DPP classes.

Complete this form to share program contact information and upcoming classes with the DPP Coordinator to receive assistance with recruitment for new virtual or in-person cohorts.

DPP Navigator Referrals and Services

Visit diabetesfreenc.com for more information about the DPP Navigators referral process and how your organization can receive DPP referrals from us!

If you would like to request a DiabetesFreeNC Promotional Toolkit to promote DiabetesFreeNC and the DPP Navigator referral process, contact [email protected]
Receive Electronic Referrals from the DPP Navigator Securely Via NCCARE360
NCCARE360 allows healthcare and human service organizations in North Carolina to securely share, receive and coordinate care for North Carolinians.

CDC-Recognized organizations across the state are using NCCARE360 to securely receive referrals and communicate participant updates.

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