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May 2021
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Thursday May 20, 2021
10:30-11:30 am

The DPP Lifestyle Coach Network webinars are coordinated by the NC Division of Public Health to provide diabetes prevention program resources and promote a statewide knowledge exchange platform for diabetes prevention program lifestyle coaches. 
Recruiting for a New DPP? Let us Help!
Current and updated information about staffing changes and upcoming DPP classes helps our team of DPP Navigators share accurate information with patients who are referred to our office so that DPP referrals can be sent to your program for enrollment. 
Please complete this form as frequently as necessary to report revisions to the North Carolina map at diabetesfreenc.com//find-a-program/ and to share updates about your organization's diabetes prevention program.

Please note: Program Coordinator and Lifestyle Coach contact information is only for DPP Navigators internal use and will not be posted on the Find A Program Map.
Request Your DPP Outreach Meeting Today!
The NC DPP Outreach Meeting is a one-on-one conversation with the state health department’s DPP Coordinator and NACDD-Trained DPP State Quality Specialist, Kristie Hicks. This is an opportunity for CDC-Recognized Organization team members to express challenges and barriers regarding DPP recruitment and enrollment, discuss areas of support needed, discuss MDPP Supplier status (if applicable), and to share program updates that are helpful for the DPP Navigators to communicate effectively with referred patients.
Now Available: The 2021 CDC DPRP Standards
All CDC-Recognized DPPs: Please review the changes to the CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) Standards and Operating Procedures (DPRP Standards). Updated program standards have been approved and went into effect on May 1, 2021. This notice includes three attachments: the 2021 DPRP Standards and Operating Procedures, DPRP Spreadsheet Template 2021, and the 2021 Data Conversion Guide. Please refer to the full email sent by the National DPP Team in its entirety and review the attachments thoroughly to ensure that you understand the changes. This is an excerpt from the email announcement.
If your organization was recognized prior to May 1, 2021, you are not expected to comply with the new Standards immediately. To ensure an orderly transition from the 2018 DPRP Standards to the revised 2021 DPRP Standards, CDC will allow you the option of submitting in the 2018 format or submitting the new 2021 format, up to November 30, 2021. Thereafter, you will be required to transition to the 2021 DPRP Standards and submit the 2021 data elements.
If you have any questions about the new Standards or processes, please submit a request to the National DPP Customer Service Center by logging in and selecting “Contact Us/Contact Support”. Please be sure to include your organization name and organization code in the subject line of your email. You will be asked to register with our Customer Service Center to submit and track your technical assistance requests and contribute to peer discussions.
Update your program's contact information, upcoming class dates and times, class modality (in person, combination, etc.), Spanish class availability, and other information.
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