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April 2021
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Thursday May 13, 2021
10:30-11:30 am

The DPP Lifestyle Coach Network webinars are coordinated by the NC Division of Public Health to provide diabetes prevention program resources and promote a statewide knowledge exchange platform for diabetes prevention program lifestyle coaches. 
CDC Videos and Podcasts
Unless you've been through a DPP, it is hard to explain the experience. On this site, you can see and hear the ins and out of the program first hand from both coaches and participants. This page includes participant testimonies about this life changing program and videos from coaches about the DPP through their eyes. It also includes informative videos and podcasts explaining what prediabetes is and the importance and impact of a DPP.
CDC Diabetes Path 2 Prevention Resources
Recruiting new DPP participants can be hard, for many reasons. The CDC has some new resources to help you out!

With the Path 2 Prevention tool, potential participants can learn what a DPP is and why they are important by taking fact quizzes to learn more about prediabetes. People can see an overview of a DPP and the potential cost of a program. Individual readiness to change is also assessed as part of this resource. People can go through and identify potential barriers and motivators to class participation and success. Potential participants make plans and then act on those plans by finding programs in their area.

The CDC Prediabetes Risk Test can also be found on this page.
DiabetesFreeNC Resources
FREE Lifestyle Coach Guides
The DPP Lifestyle Coach Guide: Innovative Strategies for North Carolina Diabetes Prevention Programs is a best-practice guide for CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coaches and Program Coordinators.

View an electronic copy here.
Start Receiving Referrals from the DPP Navigator
Learn more about the DPP Navigator and how you can start receiving referrals to your program in this webinar.
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