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November 2021
Celebrate Life this National Diabetes Month and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
November is National Diabetes Awareness Month! This is a great month to increase awareness around the risk of prediabetes. The CDC’s Healthy Marketing Support Team has developed promotional materials designed to support DPPs and their enrollment efforts.
This Link features a campaign that includes two drop-in articles, four weekly e-newsletter drafts, still pictures and animated graphics to highlight statistics about prediabetes and type 2 diabetes prevention with the theme “Celebrating Life.”
Enjoy using these in your work to promote diabetes prevention this month!
DTTAC Marketing Strategies for DPPs
DTTAC has compiled resources to give you 6 strategies to help you market your DPP during National Diabetes Month:

  1. Take advantage of CDC 's customizable materials
  2. Create your own marketing materials
  3. Utilize the CDC's Health Communication and Marketing Toolkit
  4. Partner with healthcare providers and pharmacists for referrals
  5. Make the case for a National DPP program to administrators and insurance providers
  6. Host an information session

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DiabetesFreeNC Lifestyle Coach Webinar
Educating and Supporting North Carolina’s Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP)

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The DPP Lifestyle Coach Network webinars are coordinated by the NC Division of Public Health to provide diabetes prevention program resources and promote a statewide knowledge exchange platform for diabetes prevention program lifestyle coaches.

You are invited to join the 15th annual Eat Smart, Move More, Maintain, don’t gain! Holiday Challenge. Rather than focusing on trying to lose weight, this FREE seven-week challenge provides you with strategies and resources to maintain your weight throughout the holiday season. Any adult over 18 years of age across the United States with a valid email address can join the Holiday Challenge.
The Holiday Challenge will begin on November 15th and run through December 31st. Registration does not close and you may sign-up at any time. Participants can engage as much or as little as they would like to, as all resources are sent to their email and available online.

Holiday Challenge Features:
·     Weekly Newsletters
·     Daily Tips
·     Healthy Holiday Recipes
·     Weekly Challenges
·     Tools (updated this year! )
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