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Training Phase Underway
Greetings fellow North Carolinians,
Recently we have had the unique opportunity to serve on the Energy Code ad hoc committee that is helping to write the 2018 North Carolina Energy Code. What we have discovered is that this Energy Code Project has been very helpful in educating the committee on our current statewide rate of compliance.

You may recall back in 2012 when we made quite a leap in energy code efficiency. Many new air sealing and testing procedures were identified in that new code. We are now 4 years into the code cycle and we had the great opportunity to measure our success. The good news is - it is clear that the building community understands the intent of the code. The bad news is - they are not meeting that intent 100%. For example:
  1. Installing fewer than 75% high efficacy light bulbs. Only 46% of the homes we observed got this right. Could it get any easier?
  2. Ducts not sealed very well. Again, an easy fix if the installer is thoughtful in their work. In all cases sealant was used on the ducts, the sealant was just not installed properly.
  3. Thermal envelope sealing. Across the board the backing of kneewalls was poorly done. This paired with dropped soffit sealing are the two culprits in the air sealing category.
  4. Insulation Installation. The code calls for insulation to be substantially free of gaps, voids and compressions. Again, an easy fix if we follow the manufacturer's instructions.
In response this we have created a multitude of new resources which you will see in the information below. Visit our website to view and take those resources you need or want. Also, call us to schedule an onsite training, you cannot beat the price, FREE!
Getting this right is good for the builder, the homeowner and North Carolina.

Onward to 100%,
Chuck Perry
NCEEA Program Director
New Video Series Complete
Our new video series, Five Critical Areas for Complying with the 2012 NC Energy Conservation Code, is live on YouTube.

These five videos use a sportscaster theme, with a little humor injected, to bring you the details to implement critical residential energy code provisions on slab insulation, knee walls, high efficacy lighting, air sealing, and duct sealing and testing.   
Residential Energy Code Training
We've been busy traveling all over the state training on the NC Energy Code. These trainings are focused on the problems identified during our extensive field study last year and provide specific strategies on ways to improve installation practices and achieve the maximum benefits of the NC Energy Code.

Think Energy Code Training is boring? Not in this class! We use videos, how-to animations, photos from the field, and student exercises to keep our training engaging. Continuing education credits are offered for code inspectors and home builders who hold NCBI and NAHB CGP certifications. Check out our upcoming events and if you don't see one near you, contact us today to get one scheduled.

Upcoming Events:
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Energy Code Resources
North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance | info@ncenergystar.org | ncenergystar.org