Holiday Challenge - 
Are you ready for the holidays?

When we think of the holidays and eating we have to begin with Halloween. Many people buy candy "just in case we have Trick-or-Treaters", and then end up with left over candy because we didn't have any or not as many as we planned for. So what do we do with all the leftovers...enjoy them ourselves or even better, share them with our co-workers.

Then, not even a month later, we have Thanksgiving. Some families share their meal with two families and don't want to hurt any feelings by not eating.

Next we have the month of December, with lots of celebrations, sharing of cakes, candies, and other traditional food and we end the year with the New Year's Eve Parties.

With all this tempting food everywhere we turn, how can we maintain our weight without gaining? Have you heard of the Holiday Challenge? This program encourages you to eat right, and maintain and not gain weight. It is free to sign up and you are provided weekly tips on how to eat right. Here are some tips from the Holiday Challenge that will help you get started. (


Livestock News
DECEMBER 06, 2019
WNC Regional Livestock Center

Fortieth Annual North Carolina BCIP Waynesville Bull Test Sale

Green Industry News - December
Members of the Green Industry, make sure you are checking the Green Industry News to keep up with the what is going on in your industry in the Carolinas.

Applications for the 2020
Extension Master Gardener Training Class  are now available online

Ginseng Seed Available
There is a limited amount of ginseng seed available from the Ginseng Workshops held last month.  If you are interested in purchasing seed in quarter pound packages contact the Cooperative Extension office at 828.884.3109 or email  
Seed is $40 per quarter pound and quantities are limited.
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