September 27, 2016 |

Following demonstrations in Charlotte that escalated into violence, North Carolina Gov. Pat McRory declared a state of emergency last week. Click to see how such a move affects your gun rights:

By a vote of 24-6 in the Senate and 112-41 in the House, the Missouri Legislature took the bold step of overriding a gubernatorial veto of a great gun-rights bill. Click to read the exciting details:

Last October, Michael Galvin and his family moved into a home they purchased in a Colorado Springs neighborhood. Ten days later, on November 3, 2015, his life changed forever.   Click to see why.

We have now opened in North Carolina, hopefully soon to be followed by South Carolina. If you have friends or loved ones in North Carolina, please let them know about all the benefits of U.S. Law Shield.  Click to see why.

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Think owning a gun is all the protection you need? Innocent gun owners go to jail every day for exercising their right of self-defense. Don't let it happen to you! Find out how to protect yourself after you've pulled the trigger by attending one of our seminars. Click the state listings below to find an event near you:

A state senator's bill calls for firearms buyers' faces to appear on the New Jersey permit. Click to see why she thinks this duplication of effort is worthwhile:

At a recent Texas Law Shield seminar, instructor Tony Pellecchia fielded this question by a woman in attendance: "I just got my handgun license. What kind of gun should I buy?"  Click to see his recommendation:

Jason Kander, the Missouri Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate, has called out his Republican opponent, incumbent Senator Roy Blunt, to an unusual election-year gun challenge. Click to read the details:

To improve your self-defense skills, please join us for  a 2-day Close Quarter Pistol course called "At Arm's Length, It's Not Just A Shooting, It's A Fight!,"  to be held Oct. 4-5, 2016 at the Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers Association in Lower Paxton, PA. Click to see more details:

Ohio CCW instructor Mark T. Montgomery has been indicted for an accidental, but fatal, shooting that was the result of one live round being mixed into a bunch of plastic training bullets. Click to see the details:

This limited-edition Mason The Bear bobblehead is great for your office desk, as a gift, or as a collectible item. Every time you see Mason, you will be reminded not to leave the house without carrying your gun. Click here or on Mason's picture to see the offer details, and use promo code "MEMBER" at checkout to get a $5 member discount.

Law Shield Members often ask if a lawyer will come to the scene of an incident. The answer can be "Yes," depending on the location and what's transpired. But click to see why Emily Taylor, an Independent Program Attorney at Walker & Byington in Houston, says there is often a very good legal reason not to have your lawyer at the scene.  Click to read more: