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The PTAC is a business and technology extension program of the UNC System. Our purpose is to generate employment and improve the general economic condition of the state by assisting North Carolina companies, including those eligible for business development programs for local, state and federal government contracts. We provide procurement technical assistance by offering no-fee and confidential counseling on selling your products and/or services to the appropriate local, state or federal government agency.

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July 14, 2020
July 15, 2020
July 28, 2020
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NC PTAC Adds Supply Chain Advisor - First in Country
By Brooklyn Dellinger, PTAC Advisor/Events Coordinator, Statewide
There are approximately 98 different PTAC programs throughout the country operating out of over 300 offices. Some are statewide programs such as what we have here in North Carolina, and other PTAC programs are regional or affiliated with lower a level of government (county or metropolitan area). All of the programs fall under the management control of the PTAC Program Management office at the Defense Logistics Agency.
The recent coronavirus restrictions have brought the importance of having strong supply chains to light. There are numerous small businesses here in North Carolina that can play important supply roles supporting some of the larger federal contracting companies. The PTAC team recently welcomed Jared Whitcomb as our Supply Chain Advisor. This is a new role for our program and the PTAC program nationally, but Jared is not new to this field, boasting 25+ years of supply chain knowledge and leadership in the government contracting space. This expertise will lend itself to some key functions in the cycle of government contracting; particularly, in building relationships between North Carolina's larger defense contracting firms and the small businesses with supplier capabilities that we are already working with.
How can supply chain assistance help your business? Larger entities have the competitive resources to perform major contracts (Department of Defense, for example), and typically utilize a global supply chain. We want to connect these NC firms with able and ready service providers and product suppliers within the state. The PTAC Supply Chain Advisor has a goal to create, within larger companies, an awareness of North Carolina business resources and a mindset to consider North Carolina businesses first. 
Keep your local PTAC advisor updated on your current product and service offerings. The PTAC team frequently collaborates to share resources and, potentially, supply chain and teaming opportunities.
PTAC Trivia Question:  
The North Carolina PTAC program runs on a fiscal year that mirrors the state (1 July - 30 June). This past program year, PTAC had a goal of hitting $236,000,000 worth of government contracts for its clients. Was the goal reached?   Answer at the end of the newsletter.
NC Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Historically Underutilized Businesses Reciprocity 
By Brooklyn Dellinger, PTAC Advisor/Events Coordinator, Statewide
If you are interested in becoming both a NCDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and certified HUB firm with the NC Department of Administration's Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) Office, the processes are now easier than ever. Businesses that are already DBE certified with the NCDOT are automatically qualified for HUB certification. Businesses seeking both designations can pursue NCDOT DBE certification and become a NC HUB firm with little additional documentation.
NC entities looking to do business with the state of North Carolina should consider their eligibility for these, and any other programs, to establish a competitive advantage and increase contracting opportunities. To get started with the process or learn more about these programs, visit  the NCDOA's HUB Office website or  the NCDOT's website on small business certifications. If you have questions on this step in your government contracting journey, please reach out to your PTAC advisor for guidance.
Disaster Contracting Summit Postponed 
By Scott Barker, Interim NC PTAC Director
Many of you were able to attend the inaugural Disaster Contracting Summit in Greenville last August. Due to the overwhelming success of last year's event, it was planned to be held again this coming summer in a larger venue. However, due to the congregational restrictions that remain in place due to COVID-19, this year's event has been postponed until August of 2021. It has been tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 4, 2021; mark your calendars.
TIPS: Government Contracting throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic
By Brooklyn Dellinger, PTAC Advisor/Events Coordinator, Statewide
  1. Develop a current, digital capability statement. (Click here to learn how.) This is necessary for remote networking for the foreseeable future.
  2. Use this time to consider new markets. Can you pivot your offerings from federal to state, or vice versa? Are there other government agencies you haven't previously researched? As a result of the pandemic, are there any new opportunities arising that you could provide?
  3. Consider potential COVID-19 implications on your business or workflow. Consider these impacts on your supply chain, production, etc. If you have recently summitted a proposal and foresee inability to meet pre-COVID-19 requirements, communicate this with the agency before it is too late.
  4. Contact your contracting officer immediately if you anticipate any delays in execution of a current contract.
  5. Document any COVID-19-related instances that contribute to a delay in execution of a contract - supply chain issues, financial complications, etc.
  6. Communicate with your supply chain regularly!
  7. Review cybersecurity obligations within your federal contract when allowing employees to work from home.

We know that so much is out of your control at this time, but we hope that these tips will provide some proactive steps and guidance as we all navigate new waters.
Federal Spending Projections Heading into Q4 2020
Article by David Thorton at Federal News Network
"The fourth quarter sprint to the finish line of the 2020 fiscal year starts in July. So, what can federal contractors expect? According to Cameron Leuthy, a senior analyst at Bloomberg Government, professional services will be big, the coronavirus pandemic will present both complications and opportunities, and small businesses should already be getting ready.

To project what's coming, analysts usually look to the previous year as a template. In 2019, Q4 included 30% of all obligations for the entire fiscal year. The Defense Department alone spent just shy of $120 billion. The departments of Housing and Urban Development, Interior and State each had more than 50% of their total obligations for 2019 in the fourth quarter. September was particularly lucrative, with $94.3B spent that month alone, 66% of which came from DoD." Read more: https://federalnewsnetwork.com/contracting/2020/06/what-should-vendors-expect-from-q4-2020
Success Story  
Blue Arbor, New Bern, North Carolina 
By Brooklyn Dellinger, PTAC Advisor/Events Coordinator, Statewide
Blue Arbor is a small business located in New Bern that specializes in personnel services. It was able to acquire a GSA schedule contract about 9 years ago. Their current training and project specialist, Cindy Simmons came on board about two years ago and quickly found out about the PTAC program and all the services it has to offer. Blue Arbor has been a regular PTAC client ever since, taking advantage of all the different types of assistance that the program is able to provide.  
Cindy has sought PTAC assistance with various solicitations and proposals since her arrival as well as attended numerous training sessions on myriad contracting topics - both in person as well as via webinars these past few months. Her recent participation in the Federal Proposal Writing Workshop webinar really improved her understanding of the proposal preparation process. 
The company continues to be very competitive on all GSA personnel services contracts and is a continuous award winner. According to Cindy, Blue Arbor considers PTAC assistance extremely helpful and looks forward to continuing her association with all PTAC personnel in the coming years.
PTAC Trivia Answer:  Yes, NC PTAC clients won over $293,000,000 worth of government contracts for the program year. Well done!


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