North Carolina Ranked #7 for Aerospace Manufacturing
In PwC's 2019 Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness Report , North Carolina is ranked as the 7th best state for aerospace manufacturing. Recently, we've seen an increase in interest from aerospace manufacturers who are looking to relocate to our area. Find out more about our state's rankings and what our local schools are doing to prepare for the growing aerospace industry.
Vote for the On-Premises Sale
of Malt Beverages
A strong small business community means a healthy local economy, which is exactly what companies are looking for when making location decisions.

By permitting the on-premises and off-premises sale of malt beverages, we remove costly barriers from existing businesses and we give Concord and Harrisburg more opportunities for innovative growth.
Exploring Opportunities in
"The Hidden Workforce"
Earlier this month, we attended the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance's workshop, "The Hidden Workforce", which focused on talent acquisition strategies that are inclusive to employees with criminal backgrounds. We heard from experts on how employers can successfully tap into this often-overlooked pool of talent and how it benefits both the employer and the employee.

Information for Employers

We want to share this information with our existing industry in case you are interested in learning more about how you can provide opportunities for individuals with criminal backgrounds:

Companies that hire individuals with criminal records may benefit from tax credits, such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit . For more information about this tax credit, click here .

NCWorks Career Center provides resources for individuals with criminal records to help them overcome the barriers toward employment created by a criminal record. For more information about this resource, click here .
Kannapolis Launches New Online Permitting System
The City of Kannapolis has joined Cabarrus County and the City of Concord to make the process of submitting permits easier – both for residents and developers. They are now using an online system called Accela to process all plans. You can go online and submit all the paperwork needed for your project.
You send in the information and both the City and County staff can access it simultaneously and begin the plan review process. It’s a one stop shop for the permitting process. It eliminates the need for you to go back and forth and submit information in person at City and County offices. (We will still need one hard copy of any commercial plans – that can be mailed or dropped off). They are also taking credit card payments over the phone for submittal fees.