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Engineering North Carolina's Future

Put simply, North Carolina needs a bigger Wolfpack and the State legislature is investing $20 million over the next two years to hire additional faculty and staff and $30 million for facility upgrades.

Over the next five years, NC State University plans to enroll about 4,000 more students in engineering and computer science. That growth will bring the student population of our College of Engineering to around 14,000 and total enrollment at NC State to more than 40,000.

Hear from senior administrators then see & hear about the state, university & the department's research.

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Duke Energy CEO: Net-Zero Emissions can’t be achieved without Nuclear Power

Duke Energy's strategy for halving carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving net-zero by 2050 will rely heavily on nuclear power, which accounts for a little over 80% of the company's carbon-free generation and energy, CEO Lynn Good said. "I want to keep that nuclear fleet operating as long as I possibly can because I don't have an alternative of a carbon-free resource that runs 95% of the time, which is what nuclear represents today," Good said.

This is in keeping with Executive Order no. 80 that acknowledges North Carolina’s leadership in technology innovation, research and development, and skilled workforce to promote clean energy technology solutions. It calls for market innovations that drive economic expansion and job creation to produce a smart, resilient, and a modern electric grid while balancing reliability, cost, economic growth, equity, and environmental and public health impacts.


NC State Nuclear & the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act

This bill provides almost $2.5 billion across 6 years for 2 cost-sharing agreements for nuclear reactor demonstrations that were 1st funded through fiscal year 2020 appropriations.

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Hoagland & Yessayan win Mark Mills Award at 2021 ANS Winter Meeting

Drs. Dylan Hoagland & Raffi Yessayan, NC State nuclear engineering alumni and recipients of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) Mark Mills Award for best dissertation paper. They received this honor last week at the ANS Winter Meeting in Washington, DC.

It is the first time in the award's history that the winner is a team, not an individual. This recognizes the complementary nature of the doctoral research projects. Their collaboration demonstrated the effectiveness of Parallel Block Jacobi (PBJ) iterations in solving radiation transport problems using an unstructured mesh on massively parallel computers. 

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Hawary wins at the International Conference on Creep, Fatigue & Creep-Fatigue Interaction

Doctoral student Mahmoud Hawary placed 3rd at the 8th International Conference on Creep, Fatigue and Creep-Fatigue Interaction (CF-8). His presentation was entitled “Superimposed effects of grain shape anisotropy and texture on biaxial creep of Nb modified Zircaloy cladding”.

The conference is organized by the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), in association with the Metal Sciences Division of the Indian Institute of Metals and the Kalpakkam Chapter of the Indian Institute of Metals.

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Lockhart participated in Washington DC Nuclear Engineering Student Delegation

PhD student Madeline Lockhart took part in the 2021 NESD, contributing to this year's policy statement –

  • continued funding of and investment in the future of the nuclear workforce
  • prompt actions to achieve clean energy production and a strong nuclear infrastructure
  • continued funding and modernized licensing of advanced reactor development
  • action towards a permanent disposal facility for used nuclear fuel

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Blevins wins 2021 Innovations in Nuclear Technology R&D Award

Graduate Jacob Blevins, was awarded 2nd place in the Innovations in Nuclear Technology R&D Awards, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Fuel and Supply Chain.

His award-winning research paper, “Enabling Ga2O3’s Neutron Detection Capability with Boron Doping and Conversion Layer,” was published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

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Celebrating our 2021 National Undergraduate & Graduate Student Awardees!

ANS Scholarships:

7 undergraduates...

Hayden Bland, Abigail Davis, Veronica Heyl, Noah Higgins, William ‘Alex’ Graham, Grayson Gall & Timothy Kiefer


4 graduates...

Ghada Shkoukani Al-Qous, William Dawn, Madeline Lockhart & Samuel ‘Owen’


U.S. DOE Integrated University (IUP) Program:

6 undergraduates...

Alexandra Akins,

Hayden Bland, Veronica

Heyl, Noah Higgins, Daniel Nevius & Cooper Trucks

1 graduate... Vincent Novellino

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: Andy Rivas

Nuclear Nonproliferation International Safeguards Graduate Fellowship: Madelaine Lockhart


Ivanov receives Highest Honor Medal

Congratulations to Dr. Kostadin Ivanov, recipient of the Marin Drinov Medal. This medal is the highest honor awarded by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and recognizes his scientific achievements and contributions to cooperation between American and Bulgarian scientists in the field of nuclear science and engineering.

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NC State Nuclear Engineering Faculty win U.S. Department of Energy Awards

Faculty are recipients of five research & development ($2.4 million), two infrastructure ($631 k) and one nuclear science user facilities ($500 k) awards from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

More than $48.8 million through the DOE Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP) support 69 university-led nuclear energy research and development projects in 27 states.  

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Stapelmann selected for the UNC Lineberger Innovation Award

Drs. Katharina Stapelmann (NE) and Yevgeny Brudno (BME) are recipients of the 2021-22 UNC Linberger Innovation Award. This award is given by one of only 51 National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

The project, “Non-Thermal Plasma Immunogenic Cell Death in Pancreatic Cancer Cells”, will investigate the cause-effect relationship between specific plasma-generated reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and cellular responses related to immunogenic cell death.

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Yang receives the Inaugural Goodnight Early Career Innovators Award

Dr. Ge Yang, associate professor of nuclear engineering, is 1 of 24 recipients of the Goodnight Early Career Innovators Award.

Yang's research revolves around the intersection of nuclear engineering, materials science & engineering and electrical engineering. Special emphasis is placed on developing new materials and devices for improving radiation detection and imaging technologies. He is also interested in investigating radiation effects in electronic, optical and structural materials and developing radiation-resistant materials. 

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NC State part of 11

university US Department of Energy-funded Nuclear Science & Security Consortium

Drs. Djamel Kaoumi (NE) and Tim Horn(MAE) are co-leading for NC State University on the $25 million grant funded Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration.

This Nuclear Science & Security Consortium is a 11-university, 5-national laboratory team is engaging in R&D spanning basic aspects of new technology and methods to programmatic work directly supporting the NNSA’s nuclear security and nonproliferation missions.

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Avramova named University Faculty Scholar

Established in 2012, the University Faculty Scholars Program recognizes and rewards emerging academic leaders and scholars for their teaching, research, and community engagement.

Dr. Maria Avramova, professor of nuclear engineering, is 1 of 21 faculty recipients. She is the Director of the Consortium for Nuclear Power & coordinator of the international CTF Users Group. Dr. Avramova has led several high visibility international research programs supported by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, IAEA, US NRC, and US DOE.

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Shannon partners with Karamedica on $2.5m National Institute on Aging Grant

Dr. Steven Shannon, professor & director of graduate programs, is collaborating with Karamedica, Inc. to continue developing a microparticle therapy for treating cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA), a condition responsible for inflicting significant neurologic damage and afflicting greater than 85% of Alzheimer’s patients.

This grant from the National Institute on Aging builds on Karamedica’s nose-to-brain delivery system that was validated in the Phase I SBIR proof-of-concept studies using mouse models of CAA.

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NC State Nuclear Engineering Alumni on the American Nuclear Society Board

Julie Ezold (MS ’92) and Harsh Desai (BS ‘08 & MS ‘10) assumed three-year terms and Tracy Stover (MS ’07 & PhD ’11) assumed a one-year term as board members for the American Nuclear Society.

Ms. Ezold is the Radioisotope Production & Operations Section Head at Oak Ridge National Lab. Mr. Desai is the Chief Commercialization Officer at Zeno Power Systems. And Dr. Stover is Principal Engineer Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.

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Turinsky named Deputy Chair of the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

Dr. Paul Turinsky, emeritus professor of nuclear engineering at NC State University, is the deputy chair of the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board (NWTRB). And the Board released “Six Overarching Recommendations for How to Move the Nation’s Nuclear Waste Management Program Forward” this year. 

Turinsky was initially appointed in 2012 by President Barack Obama.

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In Memoriam

Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, an NC State nuclear engineering alumnus who enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the U.S. Army, died Oct. 8, 2021. During a 39-year military career, the four-star general served as Army chief of staff and as a top commanding officer in Iraq.

He was a Nuclear Engineering Hall of Fame inductee and a College of Engineering Distinguished Engineering Alumnus.

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In Memoriam

Bernard Wehring, former Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Director of the Nuclear Reactor Program (NRP) during 1984-1989, passed away on September 3rd, 2021. 

In 2000, Bernie retired from UT and returned to NCSU, where he became a research professor. He spent much of his time contributing to NRP projects such as the ultracold neutron source, teaching, and student mentoring.

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New Graduate Certificate in Health Physics Launched

Open to graduate students and working professions, the graduate certificate launched this fall.

“The practice of health physics overlaps certain aspects of nuclear engineering but focuses on radiological protection and radiation safety. It gives students or working professionals an opportunity to further advance their careers and it nicely compliments the new undergraduate minor in health physics”.

– Dr. Robert Hayes, associate professor & coordinator for the program

NCNSU COE Excellence Nominees_Vertical.png

College of Engineering Awards of Excellence Nominees

Congratulations to Sherry Bailey (University Program Specialist),

Ervin Miller (Director of Technical Operations), and Russell Villard (Grants Manager), nuclear engineering nominees for the College of Engineering Awards of Excellence.

Nominations are in recognition of accomplishments and achievements as permanent NC State staff members.

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NC State Nuclear tie to the ANS Winter Meeting Executive Session on the Nuclear-Social Science Nexus

This panel – based on a recent Nuclear Technology Special Issue on the Nuclear, Humanities, and Social Science Nexus explored how research findings and insights from the humanities and social sciences can be used to shape and meaningfully inform the work of practitioners and policy makers in the nuclear energy sector and its corresponding areas of research and practice.

Panelists: Sama Bilbao y Leon (World Nuclear Association & NC State Nuclear Engr. Advisory Council), Lisa Marshall (NC State), Sonja Schmid (Virginia Tech.), Tom Wellock (U.S. NRC), Paul Wilson (University of Wisconsin, Madison) & Aditi Verma (UMichigan).

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Conferences hosted this fall included -

  • American Nuclear Society (ANS) International Conference on Mathematics and Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science and Engineering (M&C 2021)

  • 21st International Nuclear Graphite Specialist Meeting (INGSM)

  • 2021 Test, Research and Training Reactors (TRTR) Annual Conference

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