APRIL, 2020
Sawmill. Process of machining logs in equipment sawmill machine saw saws the tree trunk on the plank boards. Wood sawdust work sawing timber wood wooden woodworking
Welcome to Our New Bulletin!

We are kicking off a new periodical series of email bulletins to keep you informed about current topics and events in the North Carolina urban wood industry. We hope to facilitate networking among municipalities, arborists, sawmills, suppliers, manufacturers,design professionals, and others interested in increasing the amount of wood that can be reclaimed, processed, and sold in NC and beyond. Be on the lookout for future bulletin issues as we develop a more comprehensive network for the communication of information regarding industry developments within the urban wood utilization industry.
Update: The Southern Urban Wood Forum, originally scheduled for July 22-23 in Charlotte, has been postponed until 2021. Stay tuned for details.
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The NC Urban Wood Group seeks to encourage the highest and best use of the North Carolina urban wood resource by connecting the producers of the urban wood, like arborists and municipalities, with the businesses or individuals who want that wood, in order to add value. Our goal is to encourage utilization of urban wood on the local level including producing sustainable lumber for use in municipal projects and by professional and hobbyist woodworkers, By treating removed urban trees as a resource the costs associated with the removal and disposal of trees are reduced and the amount of urban wood in the waste stream is minimized.