Positive Response...
What is that?
Positive Response is an electronic communication system between the excavator and member facility owner. It allows the excavator to check the status of their locate request before beginning their excavation or demolition. The member facility owner is required to post a response within three working days of being notified as long as the excavator provided the notice in accordance with the Excavator Responsibilities of the NC General Statutes .

This is to ensure all member facility owners have responded and indicated if they do or do not have facilities within the area of the excavation and/or demolition. The member facility owner will respond with a unique preset code indicating their response within three working days of the notice.

Do I have to check the status before I dig?

Yes, you do! State Law requires excavators to confirm that member facility operators responded to the request and those having conflicts did in fact mark their underground facilities.

How do I access Positive Response to check the status of my locate request?

Excavators can check the status of the request at anytime either electronically from any computer or smart device with an internet connection, or opt to receive an email notification, or check the status by dialing the toll free Positive Response number.

  • To check the status via the toll free number, dial 1-877-632-5050

S o remember, always check the status of the locate before digging or demo'ing to ensure you, your crew, and the public's s safety.
I checked Positive Response, but what should I do if...
The member facility owner didn't respond with a valid code, but 999 appears as the provided code. What is this?

Code 999 is automatically applied for any non-responding member facility owner. If after arriving on the jobsite and there are not any visible indications of facility within the area of the excavation or demolition, the excavator may proceed with digging.

If you are aware of or observe indications of an unmarked facility, do not begin digging. Please contact the center directly by dialing 811 or 1.800.632.4949 and a CSR will assist you in resending the request to the non-responding members.

A 3-Hour Notice can be requested in the event the member facility owner did not respond.

What are some visible indications? Poles, markers, pedestals, meters, valves, etc.

The member responded with No Conflict , but when I arrive onsite I can see that their facilities are in the vicinity of the excavation or demolition ?

Anytime you are aware of or see evidence of an unmarked facility, contact the center immediately.

A CSR will help assist in resending the notice to the affected member facility owner. The member facility owner(s) are responsible for marking the facility within 3 hours of the call as long as the excavator provided the notice according to the requirements of the state law!
The member did respond & indicated their facilities were marked, but when I arrive on site, there are not any markings?

Some things to keep in mind that could cause markings to no longer be visible are weather conditions such as rain, large job sites with multiple excavations taking place at once, the timeframe between the date the response was posted and the date you arrive on site, along with many other reasons. That's why it's always a good idea to visit the site quickly after the 3 full working days notice has passed.

With that being said, contact the center directly and speak with one of our friendly CSR's who will gladly assist you in re-sending the notice to the appropriate member facility owner, which could be a 3hr hour notice, or it could be a Destroyed Marks notice depending upon the situation.

Be sure to visit the site and plan to start the excavation in a timely manner once all the facilities have been located!

Want More Information About Positive Response? Visit our website, www.nc811.org/positive-response.html