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Aug 6, 2020

How Are You Doing? NCA Wants to Know!       

The NCA Board and staff are keenly aware that many members are going through a tough time right now. Over the past two months, Board members called or emailed dozen of other members to check in with them. If you would like to chat with a Board member or staff person, just say so! Send an email to with "Please Call Me" in the subject line, and a staff person or Board member will call to chat!
Check Out the New NCA Digital Catalog     
Making connections between NCA Buyer members and Vendor members is an important role of the association. That's the idea behind the 2020 NCA Digital Catalog, a 72-page online catalog packed with interesting products from 20 NCA Vendor members. Check it out today! Click Here to View the Catalog
Welcome to this edition of the NCA e-contact newsletter! This newsletter is published every other Thursday. You'll notice that the articles that start here link back to the full text of the articles on our website. Please share your thoughts about these topics in the comments that follow each article.
NCA Launching 'Help Halloween Happen' Campaign                            
This year's Halloween was supposed to be giant, since it falls on a full-moon Saturday. Then COVID interfered, and suddenly everyone is worried that Halloween will not be nearly what it should be. Well, the NCA can't cure COVID, but we can help make Halloween a little better. To do that we are launching the Help Halloween Happen (HHH) campaign, which is designed to help boost Halloween sales for our members. Read More 
Hershey's Sweetens Halloween Outlook            
Halloween won't be the same as usual. But Hershey is confident the Halloween season will still be sweet-and in early July, the company debuted new Halloween candy that confirms that confidence. Read More 

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