News about NCA and Costuming
Oct 15, 2020

Disguise: Gaming and Adaptive Costumes Key to Success in 2020 

In this interview, Disguise General Manager Tara Hefter explains how the company sources its costumes and how they are designed. She says the adaptive costumes they created with Disney are selling well.  Read More
Scott Morris: Decor Sales Dodge the COVID Effect        

In this Q&A with NCA Executive Director Ed Avis, Scott Morris of Morris Costumes reports that decor sales are going well. He also explains how Morris Costumes develops its decor ideas. Read More
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Last Chance to Get Your Halloween Stickers and Posters!                                
Halloween is right around the corner -- are you taking full advantage of the NCA's Help Halloween Happen campaign? We have guidelines, free stickers and free customized posters waiting for you -- but don't delay! Read More 
Zagone Studios: Pent-Up Demand Will Help Costume Sales                 
Zagone Studios was one of eight NCA Vendor Members who supported the association's Help Halloween Happen campaign. In this Q&A with NCA Executive Director Ed Avis, Zagone Marketing Director Franco Pacini predicts a successful Halloween. Read More