December 15, 2021
New Solutions for Timeless Needs
Happy Holidays!

In this edition of the Buzz, we highlight how reinventing NCARB’s approach to conducting an analysis of practice takes a completely fresh look at the field of architecture with an open mind to rebuilding its program from the ground up. We also spotlight Lineup, a SaaS that allows for efficient SME management, and its partnership and integrations with CertMetrics. These are just two examples of how programs – and the assessment industry in general – continue to solve problems and adapt to new expectations while maintaining focus on sound assessment practices and solid validity evidence.

As always, I sincerely look forward to seeing how, as an industry, we continue to move forward creating solutions that provide validity evidence to support our assertions and:

  • better mitigate security risks and other threats to validity;
  • better fit the ever-accelerating pace of change and value propositions desired by stakeholder groups, including the engagement expectations of Millennials and Gen-Z; and,
  • better position and apply assessment as a valuable ally in one’s journey as a life-long learner.

Best regards,

Brian Adams
President & CEO of Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc.

NCARB Analysis of Practice: Reinventing & Rebuilding from the Ground Up

See how NCARB's Practice Analysis is going beyond the traditional approach and get perspectives from eight practitioners in the built environment.

"At NCARB, we want to completely reinvent our approach to conducting a practice analysis."

Andy McIntyre, Vice President, Marketing & Communications at NCARB

Due to rapid technological, economic, and societal expectations and changes affecting our profession, the idea of doing one more traditional JTA wasn’t going to cut it. It was time to go beyond the traditional approach and take a completely fresh look starting from the ground up.”

Jared Zurn, Vice President, Examination at NCARB

Lineup & CertMetrics Partnering to Bring SME Talent to the Table

Learn how the Lineup platform is providing solutions for teams that rely on SME volunteers.

Talent management software typically looks at people individually...

"... Almost everyone works in a team or in multiple teams. We designed Lineup to assess abilities not only individually but through the lens of teams."

Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate, President of Lineup

ATP 2022 Innovations in Testing Conference
We look forward to seeing you in March at ATP 2022 Innovations in Testing Conference. Stay tuned to learn more about sessions we will be presenting!

Webinar: Equity in Assessment

Be sure to visit our website for more information on our webinar in early 2022.
Details coming soon.

In October 2021, Marco Alves, Technical Certification Lead at NVIDIA, Corina Owens, Director of IT Credentialing and Senior Psychometrician and Laura Brooks, Program Manager presented a webinar on how subject matter expert involvement is critical to maintain strong validity arguments. In this webinar, we explore how NVIDIA and Alpine overcame the challenges of scarce SME resources and an accelerated timeline to market by employing asynchronous and crowdsourced exam development activities.
Click here to view the video.

At this year's I.C.E. Exchange Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Alpine and our co-presenters spoke on a number of topics, including:

Integrating Decision-Makers into the Standard Setting Process; A How-to for Licensure and Certification (Pre-conference workshop)
Click here to learn more.
  • Brett Foley, Alpine
  • Corina Owens, Alpine

Remote Proctoring and Security: What Have We Learned?
Click here to learn more.
  • Carl Bowman, CompTIA
  • Corina Owens, Alpine

CertMetrics 2.0 – Manage Your Candidate, Credential, and Exam Data
Click here to learn more.
  • Blair Harris, Alpine