Throughout her 35-year nursing career, Terri Maxeiner discovered that she truly enjoyed working with older adult clients. “I have so much appreciation for their knowledge, wisdom, and all the beautiful life stories they share,” she shares. One day, her mentor—an attorney she collaborated with—encouraged her to start her own business so she can help adult children navigate the process of caring for their aging loved ones. Recognizing that she had the skills and experience to follow through on her vision, Terri founded Bridge Care Consulting, Inc. in 2014, serving families in the Greater Chicago area. 
That year, she remembers writing in her journal:  Dream big enough that you’ll need a team.  Over the next four years, that dream came true: she successfully formed partnerships with financial planners, elder care attorneys, and trust officers so that together, they can look at the full picture of the client’s needs.  
Her company grew to the point that a large corporation, Providence Life Services, approached her; they needed her expertise to fill a gap in their eldercare services. Recognizing her entrepreneurial and leadership skills, Providence appointed Terri as the first Vice President of Providence Solutions, a full-spectrum senior living service and a navigating resource provider in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.  
At Providence, Terrie offers various packages according to the client’s needs: whether it is a free fifteen-minute consultation, a one-hour clarity session, or a more comprehensive face-to-face consultation, she gives families the tools they need to make the right decisions for their loved ones. 
Terrie credits her entrepreneurial experience for landing her dream job. “When you’re doing your dream job, the transition from entrepreneurship to full-time work is not difficult. I function in the same way when I ran my business: I stay diligent to my goals, continue to network outside of the senior living field, and enjoy that I’m making an impact on older adults and their children. When an adult child tells me, ‘I can finally sleep well knowing Mom is ok’ or ‘I now get to be a daughter again; I get to enjoy my mom—that’s the most rewarding part of my work.” 

Meet Terrie and other phenomenal female entrepreneurs at one of our monthly Women's Business Roundtable sessions. To learn more about how you can work with Terrie, visit the Providence Solutions website.