Reggie Jonaitis ‘04, eCommerce expert and Vaso Group LLC President, credits North Central College for his entrepreneurial success. Aside from enjoying his Marketing and Finance classes, he shares how much he learned from Cross Country & Track and Field Coach Al Carius. “100% of my mindset now is directly attributable to him and his staff,” Reggie shares. “I still remember the way he worked with different talents and personalities to create one cohesive team that represented North Central successfully.” 
As a distance runner for North Central College, Reggie watched how Coach Al motivated students to cultivate a positive mindset and create a harmonious team environment that treated everyone with respect. “As an executive, I understand that my management style drives people’s behaviors. I knew from experience how important it is to build a respectful, cohesive company culture.” His high-performing staff, whose age range is 20s to 60s, appreciates their work-life balance and the freedom to have a flexible schedule. 
Similar to the way Coach Al believed in athletes to do their best, Reggie trusts the people he hires. “As long as they know their roles and responsibilities, I don’t get tied down in details. We have very few meetings, no red tape, and I know that everyone has the discipline and responsibility to contribute to the team’s goals.”  
Reggie makes it a point to visit North Central College once a year. One of his life goals is to give back to the college, in any capacity that he can. “I keep my ears open on how I can help,” he says. “I’d be happy to mentor NC students who are interested in eCommerce and product development, something I’m passionate about.”  
After graduating in 2004, he worked for Office Max, and moved on to become a National Account Manager for Mega Brands, where he worked with major retailers such as Target, RiteAid, and Walgreens. In 2014, he decided to create his own full-service agency for manufacturers of multiple leading national brands, across multiple consumer product goods (CPG) categories, helping them generate profitable, sustainable sales growth within To learn more, visit Vaso Group LLC