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July Newsletter

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NCCAA continues to provide a financial bridge to families trying to survive the impacts of the pandemic

The public health and financial impacts of the pandemic have created enormous distress for many North Carolina families. Recent research revealed that low-income and lower-middle-class parents, as well as parents of color, experienced more instrumental and financial hardships due to the pandemic when compared to their higher-income, White counterparts.

The North Carolina Community Action Association (NCCAA) is a pillar to ensure low-income and vulnerable North Carolinians have the resources to survive through the ongoing pandemic and after. The initiatives launched by our agencies continue to uplift and support the mission of NCCAA that were innovative and needed most during a national crisis. NCCAA has invited individuals to donate to their local community action agencies as the first step in advancing the work to combat problems associated with the pandemic for everyday Americans. The support of donations and partnerships are a driving force in expanding the work that keeps many low-income individuals afloat.

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Phyllis "Grandma" Hardy receives $2,500 sponsorship to benefit NEW Reentry Council

Community mobilization is a powerful tool, allowing communities to bring together as many stakeholders as possible to raise people's awareness of programs to strengthen for real change.

Phyllis Hardy, a member of the NEW (Nash, Edgecombe, Wilson) Reentry Council, is an example of that mobilization. Her successful reentry inspired her to give back to the NEW Reentry Council in a major way. An incredible reentry advocate, Ms. Hardy is a member of numerous advocacy organizations, fighting for systemic governmental change surrounding mass incarceration issues.

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Salisbury-Rowan Community Action Agency continues to make an impact in the Community

The agency ended the month of May in celebration of Community Action Month with a mobile drive-by event. That included a job fair, COVID testing, financial literacy workshop, and free giveaways. Approximately, 459 gift boxes given away to community residents.

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Resource fairs set in July hosted by Mountain Projects

On Monday, July 19, a drive-through resource fair will be held at Marble Springs Baptist Church. Residents can drive-through and receive bags filled with resources, such as insurance options, kids’ activities, tips for families, and more.

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Southeastern Community Action Partnership sponsors Community Pop-Ups

Throughout June, the Southeastern Community Action Partnership sponsored local youth and community pop-ups events. Each were intended to help families affected during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Entertainment, fun activities, and resources were all included during each event.

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Entrepreneurial Program Participant Gains Blueprint for Screen Printing Business Success

Keya Williams didn’t win first place in the North Carolina Community Action Association’s (NCCAA) competition for best presentation in its program for entrepreneurs. She didn’t win second or third place, either. But if you ask her, she hit the jackpot.

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Haywood promotes awareness of elder abuse and celebrates aging

Elder abuse is more prevalent than some people might think. The World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is held every year on June 15. The goal is to raise awareness that elder abuse is an urgent public-health and human-rights problem. Seven counties in Western North Carolina also held a walk for the cause.

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Blue Ridge Community Action Inc. awarded grant by The Burke Youth Organized Philanthropists

Blue Ridge Community Action was awarded $5,000 for the development of a mobile app for students. The app will include links and telephone numbers for the Burke County Sheriff’s Office, student health and counseling services, local community resources and national hotlines.

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Association News

CADA Announces a new Executive Director

Christopher S. Moody has been appointed the new CADA Executive Director effective July 1. He succeeds Sallie Surface who retired as Executive Director serving 38 years.

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People Experiencing Homeless Have Been Found at Greater Risk of Contracting COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has placed an increased emphasis on housing as a social determinant of health. For those experiencing homelessness, the virus, if contracted, could be exacerbated due to inter-related conditions, including personal finances, poor living conditions, and the potential for existing untreated health issues.

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Improve the Health of Your Agency with ROMA

A successful agency knows which of its programs and services are achieving results and moving its mission forward. By tracking program data and analyzing outcomes, Community Action Agencies can better monitor workflow and know the project status at any point in time.

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Poverty Shaming: What does it really mean?

Poverty is a social construct based on social and economic factors. To be poor means you have limited resources and opportunities. The American Dream teaches us that upward social mobility is attainable by hard work. We are all born into either the upper, middle, or lower class and grow up learning that the American Dream is to move from a lower class into a higher one, or if you are already in upper class, to become even richer. It sounds simple enough, but the truth is, the American Dream isn’t as achievable as one might think.

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Social Determinants of Health: NC Eviction Crisis

As many Americans return to their offices for work and large-scale events again being scheduled for the summer, a potential housing crisis looms over the nation's post-pandemic recovery celebrations. Researchers estimate that at least 4.2 million Americans could lose their homes in the next two months, due to eviction or foreclosure, with cumulative back payments totaling up to $34 billion.

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