July 2020
Community Action Open Positions
Many agencies are hiring additional staff because of new funding and higher demand for services. Consider visiting our statewide job board to see what open positions are available across the state and pass this on to your job hunting friends, family and clients.
Agency News
Success Story: Provided by Mountain Projects
We are so proud of all the success our agencies achieve! These stories have been collected, adapted, and edited for clarity.
Adam is a single father who struggled to make a career change and earn a degree. He was feeling hopeless about his situation until he happened to discover the WIOA program at Mountain Projects. " Finding out there were programs that would aid in my success gave me renewed vigor. Not simply for scholarship sake, but for the non-scholarly aspects of life. The programs that would help purchase heating oil for my house. My house that for over a month I had only managed to dampen the cold with help of secondhand electric heaters. For the programs that would eventually aid in covering the rent, removing the realistic fear of homelessness. The programs that would aid in purchasing the gas to make it to the school. These programs created an opportunity for me to push through the barriers I was facing. [...] I am proud to say I quickly found work within my industry. I found a place to continue learning and honing my trade at Accelerated Collision Repair/Recouped Automotive with a boss that is investing in my future, not only giving work experience, but contributing to the purchase of tools. Most importantly, the time I so often hemorrhaged working, now gives me the opportunity to be the “annoying” dad that’s “always” around." Thanks to Mountain Projects support, Adam was able to graduate Summa Cum Laude and had not only found work that excites him, but also now has time to spend with his family. You can read his full memoir here . Great work, Mountain Projects!

This story represents one of thousands of customers enrolled in a program at their local community action agency.  Community Action Works!
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Community Action News, Publications and Features
We love seeing our agencies in the news, especially during times of crisis. Great work getting your name and services out there, and helping people learn more about our Community Action network!
We are so proud to have Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc. as part of our network! This month they provided all of their CSBG Family Empowerment Self-Sufficiency Project clients with Food Lion cards which allowed them to buy food and household items they couldn’t otherwise afford; a Hurricane Preparedness bag which contained items around health, safety, communications and evaluations; and a COVID-19 kit which had protective items for them to use to keep their families safe and healthy.
WAMY hosted a series of workshops through June that encouraged education, fun and community connection. There was an entrance fee but they specified that no one would be turned away because of a lack of funds. What a great way to include the entire community!
Sharon was featured in this press release from DHHS announcing that NCCARE360 is available in all 100 counties in North Carolina.

“NCCARE360’s coordinated and comprehensive shared technology platform saves time and money for community action agencies and families served,” said Sharon C. Goodson, Executive Director of the NC Community Action Association. “It’s a long-awaited game-changer for human service delivery organizations.”
The Partnership wants to hear your success stories during COVID-19. These stories will be used to help secure additional funding for Community Action. If you have a story please submit them to this survey.

" We are collecting brief summaries (~2 paragraphs) of innovative services that agencies are providing to individuals, children and families in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic - anything that shows your agency rising to the challenges this situation has created."
"Staying Safe While Staying at Home" was a virtual Elder Abuse Awareness event YVEDDI hosted which taught attendees how to stay safe from scams and fraud, staying engaged while at home and how to talk to a friend in an unsafe situation. Great topics, YVEDDI!
Our friends in Missouri are coordinating a nationwide virtual run. You can sign up for a 1 mile, 5k or 10k run. Registration is $20 for Community Action employees and $25 for everyone else. Half of the funds for those who sign up from NC goes straight to our network. Join the run and get your friends to join too!

200 YVEDDI volunteers provided 20,563 hours of volunteer service last fiscal year. During the pandemic, volunteers continued to deliver and serve food, sew masks for staff and drivers, call home-bound seniors to check on them, work the food pantries, and provide many other services. 

Our volunteers are a vital connection to our communities and we are grateful for all our volunteers across the state! We are deeply grateful for your service and thank you for your acts of selflessness.
Scammers are marketing fraudulent or unapproved antibody tests that potentially provide false results. They use the promise of tests as a way to gain access to personal information. Since this is a new scam tactic unfortunately many people are falling victim. Learn how to tell if it's a scam and how to not fall prey to these scammers.
Social determinants of health is a new buzz word within social services. Social determinants represent factors of our physical, emotional and social environment that have key impacts on our health. In fact, 80% of our health outcomes are determined by where we live, work and play. For more than 50 years, community action agencies have provided a variety of programs and services which improve social determinants of health for low-income citizens. Each month, we will highlight a Community Action Agency and their work to improve the living conditions and environments of
low-income citizens.
Community Action Agencies At Work: Helping Clients Set and Achieve Goals
This mont h's feature is Central Piedmont Community Action . We all know that sometimes all we need is a helping hand and words of encouragement, and Central Piedmont Community Action has been excelling at this! They've been helping many clients build the confidence and skills they need to achieve their goals. In February, their Durham CSBG facility hosted a workshop called "Organize Your Life" which taught the importance of goal setting, how to achieve goals and how to overcome roadblocks. Their CSBG program has also been helping many people have the soft skills and confidence they need to succeed. One such client is Tawana: “During the past 2 years, I have been able to stay on budget without any major crises thanks to CPCA. My Case Manager has been very proactive in listening to my concerns and getting me the resources needed to meet my goals. I was able to complete a second master’s degree while under the CSBG program and am now looking forward to going into Nonprofit Management in the near future. The program really helps you to realize your goals by sticking to the plan.”

Great work, Central Piedmont Community Action! Thanks for building the supportive environment your clients need to succeed!
Shout out and Congratulations!...... Ashley Williams has been promoted to Program Director at the Charlotte Area Fund, Inc. Ashley is a graduate of the University of Phoenix where she obtained both her undergraduate and MBA in Business Administration.

Named Program Director of the Year through the National Urban League in 2015 and receiving the 2019 Emerging Leader Award, Ashley has also played an integral role with nonprofit organizations since 2009. Previous nonprofit highlights include: Managing teens obtaining their GEDs; Obtaining employment and workforce training certifications; Leading three youth programs to assist underprivileged youth become first generation college students who earned scholarships while completing high school with excellence; Assisting individuals dealing with recidivism become acclimated with society and change their trajectory for the better.

Ashley consistently tackles obstacles and leverages goals along the way for the betterment of those who need the most in society.

We look forward to their continued contributions to the NC Community Action network!
NCCAA Events
NCCAA Conference and COVID-19
We are paying close attention to the COVID-19 situation, and are planning to hold an in-person conference this year. But there will be a few changes. Podiums and equipment will be sanitized between speakers, we'll provide sanitizer to all attendees, rooms and chairs will be set up to allow for social distancing, and we will be limiting the number of in-person attendees to 50% capacity. So if you want to join us at the beach in Wilmington, register now before space fills up!
Case Management and Head Start Family Engagement Certifications
It's that time again! Our next certification cohorts are starting this month! The Head Start Family Engagement certification starts July 13 and the Case Management certification starts July 20. These certifications are 100% online, last 8 weeks and come with a university-sealed certificate.

Our next cohorts won't begin until October, so join us while it's on your mind. Learn more and register below!
Webinar Training Series
Check out our webinar training series page to stay up to date on our upcoming webinars.

Miss any of the webinars in our series? Email us at [email protected] to get the recording! Recordings are available at no cost to NCCAA members.
Funding Opportunities
NC Community Foundation offers competitive grants to nonprofits working to strengthen communities in North Carolina. They are currently shifting their focus to agencies and organizations working and responding to COVID-19. Follow the link to find out more information.

Deadline: August 1

Achievement gaps associated with race and income have long been an issue. Brady Education Foundation is looking for proposals to address achievements gaps and promote positive outcomes.

Deadline: July 16

Agencies with projects in Gaston County are welcomed to apply with their “best ideas on how they can improve the quality of life for our region’s citizens.” Gaston Community Foundation is passionate about projects and programs that are “an investment in the future of our County.”

Deadline: August 1

Marion Stedman Covington Foundation awards grants for one year that support organizational development, education, operating and program support, acquisition/rehabilitation/restoration, publication, and research. MSCF is interested in funding projects that will serve as models for other communities.

Deadline: August 1

Honda has funding available for priorities focused around youth education, specifically in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the environment, job training and literacy. If your agency offers community services in these areas look into this opportunity.

Deadline: August 5

Are you starting a program or project targeted to economically disadvantaged people in NC mountain communities? Consider applying for People in Need Grants which offers up to $20,000 to help fund your community.

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24-28 | National CAP Conference , Virtual


30-2 | NCCAA Conference , Wilmington, NC
30 | Board Summit , Wilmington, NC
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