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JULY 2018
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  • Opioid Awareness.....Next Stop Wilmington!
  • Two Generations, One Future
  • First Regional Poverty Simulation Coming to Orlando at SEACAA Annual Conference
  • The Benefits of Intergenerational Giving
  • NCCAA Welcomes New CCAPS
  • All Things Community Action
  • Case Management Certification Program
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Opioid Awareness.....Next Stop Wilmington!
Opioid Symposium Headed to UNC Wilmington July 26th
The NCCAA opioid forums continue to make their way across North Carolina with the support of sponsors like and Public Media NC, SEAHEC, Healthy Blue, and Carolina Public Press. Sponsors have been working collaboratively with the Association to address this public health epidemic in our great state. The next Symposium will be held in the eastern district, in the Warwick Ballroom on the UNC Wilmington campus, Thurs., July 26, 2018 from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. and will again be live-streamed. Join other concerned citizens for an evening of learning and outreach that will include a panel discussion with local leaders in this fight, as well as a keynote address by a respected leader in the medical profession.  
REGISTER NOW if you would like to attend or participate as a RESOURCE VENDOR . Space is limited.
Two Generations, One Future
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty – Whole Family Approach
The Community Action Partnership is instituting a Whole Family Approach Community of Practice (COP)
Framework , as part of its Community Action Economic Mobility Initiative. The Whole Family Approach, also known as a Two-Generation Approach, i s garnering substantial support and recognition from local, state, and national leaders and funders.
The Whole Family Approach COP will focus on the theory that when services are integrated to meet the needs of parents and children together, efficiency is improved and outcomes are enhanced for parents, children, and families as a whole. It recognizes the challenges, successes and well-being of children and their parents are intertwined. Whole family approaches focus on providing high-quality services to parents and children together.
The Aspen Institute , base the whole family approach on the premise that conditions that affect the family will have an impact on child development as will the direct experiences of the child. Moreover, what is good for the family is good for society. Giving children a strong start in life and creating stability for the family require a focus on the whole, and in particular, on children’s well-being and on parents as agents of change. 
First Regional Poverty Symposium Coming to Orlando at SEACAA Annual Conference
Download the SEACAA Poverty Symposium Agenda
REGISTER for the Symposium
2018 SEACAA Annual Conference
Sept. 18-21
Fighting Poverty - In It to WIN It!

If you were fortunate enough to hear U NC professor and distinguished scholar, Dr. James Johnson , at the Annual Conference in May, you get another chance to be "wowed" by him at the SEACAA Poverty Symposium on Tuesday, September 18th at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, FL. He has even even more to share regarding his groundbreaking research on poverty & demographics. Dr. Johnson will speak on Six Disruptive Demographics That Will Change the Southern United States Forever.

The agenda will include perspectives from local college & university students on poverty-related issues/solutions and conclude with a Poverty Simulation, an insightful window in the lives and lives of low-income families.

College/University Students and/or Faculty interested in presenting real world perspectives on poverty at the Symposium can REGISTER HERE.

Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor. ~James A. Baldwin
The Benefits of Intergenerational Giving
"Giving as a family helps to deepen connections with each other and with the outside world."
The Value of Giving Together

 Engaging your family in philanthropy can have a significant impact on the family as a unit, on participants as individuals and on your family's lasting legacy. Just ask, NCCAA Executive Director, Sharon C. Goodson. Her family has discovered the benefits of intergenerational giving through a community service project initiated by her school-age nephews. What started as a small act of giving to children less fortunate than themselves blossomed into a bike drive that benefited more than 40 children.

The excitement for the family grew as well and demonstrates the positive impact that even young children can have on their communities. Tairan and Jayden have prideful grins and memories after being awarded plaques at the annual May conference for their outstanding contributions by their favorite "auntie."

"Charity should begin at home, but should not stay there."
―Phillips Brooks
NCCAA Welcomes 6 New CCAP's
After months of intense preparation and dedication, six (6) NC candidates have joined the ranks of the nation's premier Certified Community Action Professionals (CCAP).

Catissa Head , Coastal CA
Bryan Duncan , I-CARE
Shatarra Gibson , Telamon
Karen Harshmann, Blue Ridge CA
Krystina Dillard, NCCAA
Stephanie Ashley, Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc.
  • Gives you the recognition you deserve for your accomplishments in the field.
  • Tells others, you have achieved a nationally recognized standard for professionalism in Community Action.
  • Enhances the credentials of Community Action staff at the agency.
  • Can provide an edge in competing for public and private grant funds, especially when whole leadership team is certified.
  • Improves your professional marketability when competing for higher positions in your own agency or another CA
Candidates prepare for a final exam under the direction and watchful eye of proctor, Tom Wagstaff from Richmond, Virgina.
All Things Community Action
The New Faces of OEO Staff - Welcome Aboard!
Keli A. Bronson
Community Service Block Grant Fiscal Analyst
Office of Economic Opportunity 
Janae’ Roberts, MPH, CHES
Community Services Block Grant Program Analyst
Office of Economic Opportunity
Marolyn McLean
Administrative Associate II, Office of Economic Opportunities
Division of Social Services
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services 
Case Management Certification Program -
There's still time to Enroll in October Class!
Program offered in partnership with Delaware State University .
Visit WWW.NCCAA.NET/CASE-MGT-CERT for more information.

19 - NCCAA Board of Directors Meeting, 1pm - 4 pm
19 - NCCAA Council of Executive Directors Meeting, 9am -12pm
17 - SEACAA Board of Directors Meeting, 10am

28-31 - 2018 CAP Annual Convention , Denver, CO

18- 21 - 2018 SEACAA Annual Conference , Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL
18 - Regional SEACAA Poverty Symposium , Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL

Case Management Certification Class Begins

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