May 2019
May is National Community
Action Month
NCCAA Releases the Reentry Documentary, "Come Home"
See the faces and hear the stories of North Carolinians striving to rebuild their lives after incarceration. This documentary offers perspectives from community stakeholders and most importantly, returning citizens themselves. Check out the documentary trailer here and stay tuned for the official release of the full documentary.

Attending the 2019 NCCAA Conference? Join us on Friday for a documentary screening.
2019 NCCAA Hall of Fame Community Champs Honored at Conference
Dennis Gaddy is the Executive Director of Community Success Initiative (CSI) a non-profit corporation with a vision to create communities where people discover their potential, set worthy goals for their lives, and take action in a positive way, with an emphasis on men and women who are transitioning from prison and jail, or who otherwise find themselves entangled in the criminal justice system. Dennis Gaddy’s personal mission is to help others to be their best, and for the last 20 years, he has refined his skills, leading him into the field of success coaching, training, and consulting people, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor, or socio-economic status.

Maggie Kane is the Founder and Executive Director of A Place at the Table , the first pay-what-you-can cafe in downtown Raleigh. She graduated from North Carolina State University in 2013 and began working for a nonprofit with people experiencing homelessness. By befriending many people living on the margins, she knew something needed to be done. Maggie has a heart to serve, a desire to always be inclusive, and a passion for loving people. Through her work with people on the streets, she realized the power of community, the importance of dignity, and the beauty in bringing people together over incredible food. February 2015, A Place at the Table was birthed and Maggie never looked back.
NCCAA Celebrates 2019 Reentry Week
In recognition of NC Reentry Week, NCCAA hosted 6 events that took place across Nash, Edgecombe & Wilson (NEW) Counties through the NEW Reentry Program.

Events included the "Come Home" documentary screening, two resource fairs, the State of Reentry Luncheon, a community block party and an inaugural NEW Grounds Coffee brand awareness event.

More than 400 community members came out to these events! Reentry affects the entire community and we are proud to support second chances. What's an easy way you can support our reentry efforts?

Consider purchasing a bag of NEW Grounds Coffee, letting us cater coffee at your next event, or switching your office coffee to NEW Grounds! Order here:
Purchase Your Ticket for AFTER FLO, Now!
Community Benefit Concert and Service Project in Wilmington

Asheville native and Bassist, Aaron Mills for the Grammy-award winning group Cameo will be the featured artist for the "AFTER FLO" Community Benefit Concert.

VIP tickets available.
See flyer for details.

Pay at the door or purchase your ticket online.
Operation Fan Heat Relief
NCCAA & LARRY's COFFEE Step the Cup Up!
NCCAA and Larry's Coffee joined to co-host NEW Grounds Coffee©'s inaugural Step The Cup Up event on Friday April 26th, 2019. This event had a local artist performing live music, coffee themed cocktails, a food truck, and two state officials who came to speak on behalf of the NCDPS and NC DOJ, respectively.
NCCAA Executive Director, Sharon Goodson, presenting Larry of Larry's Coffee a Second Chance award in honor of Larry's Coffee's commitment and work to ensure better and safer communities. We thank our roaster and partner in NEW Grounds©, Larry's Coffee, for all they do.
T & R - Tools and Resources
Tools for Top-Notch CAAs: A Practical Approach to Governance and Financial Excellence

This six-section toolkit is intended to assist boards and management in their collaborative efforts to build well-governed and effective Community Action Agencies (CAAs).
The toolkit includes case scenarios and examples to help you understand and apply the principles discussed. And, many of the sections provide sample documents that CAAs can use as a starting point for developing their own policies.
Prisoners or Patients?
Prisons Are the New Asylums
Across the country, correctional facilities are struggling with the reality that they have become the nation’s de facto mental-health-care providers, although they are hopelessly ill-equipped for the job.......
New Grounds Coffee

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16/ AFTER FLOW Benefit Concert , Wilmington, NC
Purchase tickets here.

18-21/ 2019 CAPLAW Nat ional Trainin g Conference , Charlotte, NC

27-30/ 2019 CAP Annual Convention , Chicago, IL

10-13/ 2019 SEACAA Annual Conference , Myrtle Beach, SC