May 2020
Community Action COVID-19 Response Update
North Carolina's network of Community Action agencies continue to meet the needs of our state's most vulnerable citizens in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to represent this network as agencies have swiftly and effectively transitioned to virtual operations and implement a continuity of care model to remain a stable local resource to low-income families and communities. Agencies are open and operating at full capacity and many are offering additional programs and resources to meet local needs while social distancing.  Click here  to visit our COVID-19 webpage for more information and resources.
It's Our Time - Celebrate Community Action Month
May is Community Action Month! Join us in celebrating all the great work we do across the country and in our counties. Although we serve hundreds of thousands of families each year, Community Action is one of our national's best kept secrets. Participating in Community Action Month can help change that by spreading awareness about our amazing network and services!

The National Partnership has a communications kit with social media posts, press release templates, tips, and more to help you get the word out and share your success stories. This is a great time to ask for donations and share everything you're doing to improve North Carolina. We will be sharing content from your social media accounts, so tag us and use the hashtag #NCCommunityAction; or if you don't have active accounts, send us your stories and announcements and we'll make sure it gets onto our communications platfo rms.

Here is a snapshot of our activities during Community Action month:
  • Board of Directors Certification training - We are excited to launch a comprehensive web-based training program for Community Action board of directors. In mid-May, each NC Community Action Agency will have the opportunity to send 5 board members to participate at no cost. Executive Directors - stay tuned for an email to enroll your board members!
  • Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Program - The NCCAA and NC Office of Economic Opportunity are proud to provide scholarships for 50 Community Action professionals to earn this Certification through Buffalo University School of Social Work. 
  • Weekly Stretch & Meditation - Self care is more important than ever. Join us at noon each Wednesday in May for a guided stretch and meditation session. Click here to register!
  • Community Action Live at 5 - In partnership with the Southeastern Association of Community Action Agencies, we are proud to support this virtual party and fundraising campaign to benefit the collective work of Community Action. Wind down from your work week and join us on SEACAA Facebook Live on Fridays at 5pm
  • Stay at Home Conference - This virtual 1-day Conference will explore 5 topics critical to our current operations. Join us from 10am - 3pm on Thursday, May 14. Registration is free to NCCAA members. Register today!
Agency News
Success Story: Provided by WAMY
We are so proud of all the success our agencies achieve! These stories have been collected, adapted, and edited for clarity.
Tonya is a home health aide and has been embarrassed by her smile for years. Her teeth have been bad since she was a child and she confided in her case manager that last fall she had been using crazy glue to keep her caps on! They searched for affordable dental care, but everything was going to cost $3000+. The Development Director shared this story with a friend of theirs, who is a Dental Hygienist at Blue Ridge Dentistry. They asked Tonya to come in for a consultation.   

After meeting with her and hearing her story, they cleaned her teeth, extracted the bad ones, repaired the ones they could and gave her a bridge, all free of charge! She now has a beautiful smile and it didn't cost her or WAMY anything!   

Tonya is thrilled to have a smile she is proud of, “I kept putting my hand up over my mouth and my daughter said, ‘Mom, you don’t have to cover your mouth anymore.’ No, I don’t. I can’t stop smiling!” 

There are some amazing people in the world that love helping others and expect no accolades for it. We are in awe at Blue Ridge Dentistry’s generosity and compassion. What an incredible story! 

This story represents one of thousands of customers enrolled in a program at their local community action agency.  Community Action Works!
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Community Action News, Publications and Features
Case Management Certification Cohort Starts May 4
The next cohort for our Case Management certification starts May 4th. This professional certification is about 8 weeks long. The next cohorts start in July, so don't miss you chance to sign up now!
Social distancing can lead to social isolation and depression, especially for seniors. A little human interaction, even while social distancing, can go a long way. YVEDDI is getting creative by providing social activities while maintaining social distancing. Love this idea!
CSBG staff participated in the Efland Cheeks Global Elementary School Resource Fair held on March 5, 2020 at the school’s campus in Orange County. The fair educated families about the available resources in the community.
Davidson County Community Action has turned their Facebook page into a wealth of resources and information from webinars on how to talk to your kids about stress to concerts supporting NC artists to helplines. Great work connecting the community with such a variety of resources!
Patsy Davis and Mountain Projects was featured in this blog about the NCCARE360's rapid expansion to additional counties during the pandemic. Check out this excellent quote from Patsy:

“In my career I have seen human service agencies forced to take the ‘human’ out of our work by asking those in need to go from one agency to the next or use precious, limited cell phone minutes to find the service they need,” said Patsy Davis, Executive Director of Mountain Projects. “NCCARE360 is a long overdue solution that allows us to better meet needs with more compassion and kindness.”
An article posted to the Wall Street Journal website highlighted one small grocery store owner's dilemma during COVID-19. This grocery story is in Choanoke Area Development Association's service area.
The check is in our hands and as soon as we can, we're hitting the floor running with this additional funding! We are proud to have a sponsor like BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina that invests so much in our communities. Read more here.
Mountain Projects is highlighting their staff with pictures of their home work spaces and new coworkers. What a great way to highlight your staff and show how everyone is working together while social distancing!
Southeastern Community and Familly Services Executive Director takes to Facebook live to read the children's book "Dad, Who Will I Be?" written by a local author, G. Todd Taylor. Great work!
Green Lamp is flooding their social media with excellent resources for at-home learning for kids of all ages. Check out these resources for yourself and consider sharing them to your agency's pages as well.
Social determinants of health is a new buzz word within social services. Social determinants represent factors of our physical, emotional and social environment that have key impacts on our health. In fact, 80% of our health outcomes are determined by where we live, work and play. For more than 50 years, community action agencies have provided a variety of programs and services which improve social determinants of health for low-income citizens. Each month, we will highlight a Community Action Agency and their work to improve the living conditions and environments of
low-income citizens.
CAAs & Social Determinants of Health: Teaching Teens How to Manage Money
This mont h's feature is Yadkin Valley Economic Development District Inc . In late January, they hosted a workshop called “Gettin’ Ahead in a Just Gettin’ by World for teens" that taught teenagers how to budget and save money, how to gain funding for college or skill training, and available community resources. It was designed to help teens learn the adult skills they need to succeed after they graduate from high school. Nine teens attended and were thrilled with all the information they learned. Thanks to NETworX at the United Methodist Church in Yadkinville, YVEDDI Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program, and BB&T Bank representatives for partnering with YVEDDI on this wonderful workshop. 

Thank you for all you do, YVEDDI! 
A SHOUT OUT showcases the awesome work of NC's CAA Agencies, Staff, and Partners
Shout out and Congratulations!...... Kimberly Toney! Her supervisor said, "Even though Kimberly has only been with us five months, she has great work ethic. She’s very conscientious about her work. She asks good questions and often thinks outside the box in situations. Since she’s been here, she identified the revenue-generating opportunity for the agency with the toner/ink buyback vendor, Dazz Technologies. She has provided cost savings to the agency by negotiated lower prices for toner and other supplies from Quill and continues to identify cost-saving opportunities. She has great growth potential in Finance. 

We look forward to her continued contributions to the NC Community Action network!
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NEW Grounds Coffee
Are you stuck at home and need some coffee? NEW Grounds Coffee can be delivered to your home or office, and all proceeds support returning citizens!
Give it a try.
NCCAA Events
ROMA Pre-Conference and Board Summit
Postponed to Friday, October 30
The Board Summit is rescheduled for October 30-31, and the ROMA pre-conference will be rescheduled for October 30 due to COVID-19 concerns. If you have already registered, your registration will automatically transfer.

More information is coming soon.
Community Action Live at 5
Community Action Live at 5 - Join us for a virtual party and fundraising campaign to benefit the collective work of Community Action. Wind down from your work week and join us on SEACAA Facebook Live on Fridays at 5pm featuring our very own, DJ Amaz-n.
Free Meditation and Stretch Sessions Hosted by the NCCAA
Want a free meditation or stretching session? We are hosting weekly relaxing session every Wednesday at noon taught by Patrice Graham. All sessions are beginner friendly. Join us and relieve some stress!
Webinar Training Series
Miss any of the webinars in our April series? Email us at to get the recording!

Visit our website for the list of webinars and presenters.
Funding Opportunities
How could your agency use $25,000 to meet the health and educational needs of your service area? NC GlaxoSmithKline is offering an opportunity to fund “worthwhile education programs” for a maximum of 5 years.

Is the well-being of children an important service area for your agency? If so, consider applying for funding that addresses prevention and early intervention for at-risk children or out-of-home care.

Deadlines are June 15 and December 15.

MRBF is looking to support approaches that address poverty in the South. Agencies that connect with low-wealth people, have clear strategies, use networks and alliances, have a long-term view, and are strategic and opportunist should apply. Deadlines are in June and December.

Community Food Projects is looking to fund two types of grants: Community Food Projects (CFP) and Planning Projects (PP). CRPs should be self-sustaining and create community-based food projects. A Planning Project should improve “community food security."

National News
Children and the Census

Did you know that children are the least likely to be counted on the census, yet they are often the most impacted by the distribution of funds? Our friends at NC Child have been doing great work trying to get every child in NC counted on the 2020 Census. Need some fact sheets? They have them. Need some social media posts and inspiration? They've got it. We have loved working with them and their inspired team and we're sure you'll feel the same.

See what they are doing to help children get counted on the census this year and join our shared goal of ensuring every child in North Carolina counted this year!
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26-28 | National CAP Conference , Seattle, WA


30-2 | NCCAA Conference , Wilmington, NC
30 | Board Summit , Wilmington, NC
30 | ROMA Pre-Conference, Wilmington, NC


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