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November, 2019
["The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness in to the lives of others   ."
~ Lord Robert Baden-Powell]
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen and connect with the community...
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Help our Chamber Members at  ShopRite  reach their goal of donating 6000 lbs. of turkey to the  Enfield Food Shelf !
If you purchase a ShopRite frozen turkey for $20.00 each, directly at the register, ShopRite will match each one purchased!
Customers can also choose to donate the free turkey or ham that they qualify for via our Price Plus Thanksgiving Shopping Promotion. In this instance, once you qualify, you can let your cashier know that you want to donate it and ShopRite will match it.
The Miller family will store and hand deliver your donation to the Enfield Food Shelf the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
Let us all take care to make sure all our friends and neighbors in our community have a warm meal to enjoy this Holiday Season!
November 8th - 24th 2019
Friday & Saturday 8pm - Sunday 2pm
at the Enfield Annex
124 N. Maple St. Enfield, CT. 06082
(Formerly Fermi High School)
Matilda is the story of an extraordinary little girl with extraordinary powers. The daughter of abusive parents, Matilda finds refuge in library books, which she reads quickly and in creating her own stories. Things are no better at school, where Matilda also must face a tyrannical and cruel headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, who believes in Crunchem Hall’s motto: “Bambinatum est Magitum,” or “Children are Maggots.” She finds companionship in her teacher, Miss Honey, though well-intentioned, is shy and fragile. Brave little Matilda knows she has to stand up against the adults in her world, and in doing so, discovers her own remarkable powers. Matilda’s bravery teaches Miss Honey and her classmates an important lesson -- that even though life can be hard, “nobody but me is gonna change my story” so “sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.”
Enfield Loaves & Fishes
Seeking Volunteers!
Seeking Fundraising Volunteers
With A Passion For The Arts!
Having spent our first full year back in Enfield, we are already feeling like we never left. We certainly celebrated our 50th year with a bang by selling about 5,000 tickets for just three productions!

As you know, we are temporarily using The Annex (former Fermi High School) for our performances, pending the renovation of our new home at 100 High Street which requires raising a significant amount of funding. We have embarked in an aggressive grant application campaign, but we lack enough volunteers to help us with donations from local businesses, individuals, and organizations. What we need most of all is people that have the time, interest, and perhaps experience to help us attract donations.

If you have the time, and the interest to help us track down potential donors, we would love to hear from you. If you have experience in this sort of thing, you know what it takes. If you don’t have the experience, we would be happy to train you. Again, all it takes is some dedicated time, passion and persistence.

If you are willing to help our fine organization, please contact:

Harry Evageliou
Capital Campaign Chair
Tel: 860-742-5957
Please contact Karen in the Chamber office to submit your Community or Fundraising event information for future publications.