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June 26, 2017

Just a reminder, there is time to enroll in our next NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator "Prep" Training in Santa Maria, CA.

NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Prep Training
Day 1 Training:  July 17th, 2017 Monday starting at 8am
Day 2 Training:  July 18th, 2017 Tuesday
Day 3 Training:  July 19th, 2017 Wednesday
Written Exam:  July 20th, 2017 Thursday starting at 8am
Practical Exam: To be determined as needed, at later date*
*Practical exams will be administered at each client's facility with their own cranes.
1555 Orcutt Hill Rd
Santa Maria, CA 93455

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To enroll, just download the 2 page application, scan and email back to:

This class is a great refresher for those who need to recertify, OR for initial certification candidates who are pursuing certification.
Please Note:   For those who are recertifying, they have a 12 month window PRIOR to their expiration date to complete their recertification written exams, their expiration date stays the same.
If they go one day over their expiration date, they will need to start all over from scratch........  full length written exams and practical exams!!!!!
Please let me know if you are interested or pass along to anyone you think might be interested.
Have a great day!!!!
Greg Peters
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Orcutt, CA 93457
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Fax: 805-938-9933
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            Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes (LBC)

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-  Qualification Crane Operator Training

-  Qualification Rigger Training

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-  Qualification Man Lift (Aerial Lift) Operator Training

-  Crane & Rigging Supervisor/Manager Training

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-  Crane & Rigging Lift Planning Training

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