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Issue 4, August 10, 2017
We're excited to bring you the fourth issue of NCCH Heartbeats where we look to share our wins and the good things we're working on.

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Revving Up the Engine (for Growth).
When you serve over 650 tenants with a variety of disabilities and needs, how do you ensure their home is safe and designed just for their particular needs? They need to feel safe, comfortable, and have a place to call home that is especially for them. It’s a difficult prospect, one that demands significant attention and the funds to make changes that aren’t standard in most homes. This is just one of the concrete realities North Coast Community Homes deals with. The other is a shrinking pie of potential funding and a growing community need.

In 2015, according to a survey by Nonprofit Finance Fund, an astounding 52% of nonprofits couldn’t meet the growing demand for their services. What’s more, many (approximately 53%) were in the tenuous position of having only three months or less of operating cash on hand.

Thankfully 2016 saw a surge in charitable giving. That didn’t ease the burden fully, however. What’s more, demand to help vulnerable populations with needed services continues to grow. Other factors may be coming down the road which could negatively impact charitable giving. We’re seeing the potential for economic and tax changes that would certainly have significant impact, as would reductions in government funded services.

To compete (and survive) in a changing landscape nonprofits have to look farther for funding. New opportunities need to be discovered and, in some cases, created. North Coast Community Homes is in a unique position in this regard.

One of the things NCCH has done for some time is make homes accessible for their residents. This has included everything from assessment to construction to maintenance. NCCH started doing this work for outside clients under the banner “North Coast Accessible Homes” (NCAH).
NCAH was born from the idea to create a for-profit engine that will help fund the mission work that the main organization is doing. Not all charitable organizations are positioned to take advantage of a bold opportunity like the one NCAH presents. Fewer still could succeed. But NCCH is determined to make the new venture successful. Because success means that this new revenue engine would help fund more homes for new residents, new floors in other homes, updated technological assistance to improve quality of life for residents, and more.

While it’s been a bumpy road, NCAH’s engines are revving. The for-profit arm of the organization has been hard at work examining sales, scheduling, and delivery processes. They team has focused on growing revenues. They’ve begun looking at infrastructure and what it takes to deliver profitable business. And they’ve happily experienced increased revenue for several months. There’s still some way to go, but NCAH is clearly on the right path.

“We’re uniquely positioned. We have the expertise that many general contractors don’t have.” says Seifert. “What I think really sets us apart is that we can be a one stop shop for customers – and we care.”

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