“You should see my little Sis/She really knows how to rock/She knows how to twist!” crooned Chubby Checker, while people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities showed him that his sister wasn’t the only one who knew how to dance, how to twist. Had she been around, she would have found herself just as welcome by the staff of North Coast Community Homes (NCCH) as any one of the 150 or so residents with disabilities that made it out to the annual picnic.

On August 20, 2017 from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm NCCH held their annual picnic for their residents with disabilities who live in the homes the organization owns and manages. With the residents, another hundred or so care providers were in attendance. Many of them found themselves having just as much fun as the residents. And it’s no surprise.

The day was warm. The sun was bright. The pavilion at St. Sava Picnic Grounds provided some cool shade. The staff at NCCH had been there since about 9:00 am setting up. They laid out white paper table coverings.

“Next year we need more markers.” said Shannon Hill, receptionist and financial assistant for NCCH. She wanted to make sure that people could express themselves on the tables, while they waited to eat or after as they were relaxing, talking, or taking a break from the activities.

Hill is all about the details, which is why she was instrumental in making the event happen. But for her the greatest detail is ensuring the residents are taken care of and enjoy themselves.

“A lot of them [the residents] don’t have family. And I want this to be like Christmas for them.” said Hill. “I want their favorite things – dancing, food, face painting, activities. It’s a day all about them.”