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Issue 7, September 26, 2017
We're excited to bring you the next issue of NCCH Heartbeats where we look to share our wins and the good things we're working on.

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On The Horizon
North Coast Community Homes is working hard to live its mission. But why? What does it mean to “live the mission” and why would you want to?

As a small non-profit looking to make a big impact, living the mission means striving to ensure the work is always somehow moving the mission forward – making it a reality in some way, however small. It means connecting passion to purpose. It means reflecting on the lessons from the past, while always looking forward to the future and the goals. It means building on each accomplishment, big or small, one step at a time. And NCCH has had some recent accomplishments.

For example, we recently won a $1,000 grant from Grants Plus. Normally, Grants Plus is involved with helping nonprofits create a grant funding strategy to link up with grants. This time, they’re the giving the grant. It’s the first time they’ve ever done this. At a 10 year celebration they asked participants to talk about their organization, it’s mission, and what they do to make their vision a reality. Grants Plus was impressed with NCCH’s goal of turning houses into homes.

Awareness around NCCH is growing in other ways too. Recently the for-profit arm of the organization, North Coast Accessible Homes (Accessible Homes), got a commercial on Fox News. You can check it out here –
(please share the link with anyone who might be interested, or could use an accessibility home improvement)
A commercial like this raises awareness. But it also supports our mission. Accessible Homes does important work for people who have disabilities, who have children with disabilities, or are struggling to live safely and comfortably in their home as they age. As important, the goal is for Accessible Homes to help fund the critical mission of NCCH. As the Accessible Homes business grows and gets more profitable, it will provide a valuable funding stream for North Coast Community Homes’ core mission.

Yet another part of realizing the core mission is actually getting new homes. Ideally these are homes in locations where there is need. We want homes large enough to accommodate the needs of residents, homes which provide a good base for us to work on modifying, so we can customize them to the exact requirements of the residents we serve. That’s why it’s exciting when we purchase a new home, like the one we did in Madison, OH. The four bedroom ranch house will become home to four residents once it’s fully renovated. It may seem like a small step, but as Vincent Van Gogh once said “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” And we aren’t nearly done. We won’t be done until we’ve turned even more houses into homes for some very special people who live in Ohio.

So, what’s on the horizon? So, much. The team of NCCH is brimming with ideas and innovative ways to get our message out and fulfill the mission. We’re looking at way to be greener (and more cost effective) by replacing lighting with high efficiency LEDs. We’re exploring how some proposed improvements and initiatives can be vehicles to communicate what we do, and introduce and excite new donors to join us on our mission. Will we try every new idea? Not likely, but exploring new opportunities, innovations, ideas – it provides fuel to the fires that keep us working hard and shines a light on the possibilities ahead.

The successes we’ve earned and the opportunities ahead keep our eyes up and on the horizon.

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