NCCPA April News: Here Comes the Sun
Imagine a world in which trust and loyalty are the rule rather than the exception.  What would that look like? 
Who would you work with?  And how would you work together?

We have a golden opportunity in education to do "things" differently; re-imaging what education can be.  Perhaps trust and loyalty could lead to better collaboration or integration.  Where in your system would you start first?

As you continue your planning for the next school year - think about it: Trust and loyalty could lead to what?  

Katie Barr
Northern California Career Pathway Alliance

Grounding the Why
This Little Light of Mine...

After grounding ourselves in the Why of our work, the enlightened Governance Team voted in new Rules of Procedure: highlights include establishing CoChairs with staggered terms. This is part of the larger effort to plan for Alliance sustainability past the grant.

New resources on our website include our Governance calendar, Team Structure,  and a sample College & Career Readiness Hub Proposal.

Some of our largest work regionally currently is the Crosswalk between the CTE 11 Foundational Elements and the NCCPA Foundational Elements, to which we are overlaying the "Ways CTE can Help the LCAP". We will share out the end result, which will go on our website.
We have also been  getting on top of the CDE Data reporting requirements; this is an exciting piece as it will enable us to shine more light on how critical pathway education can be in creating student success for all. We envision some good data/selling points coming out of this that we can use to create marketing materials for use by all the pathway programs in our region.

Stay tuned for the full  WBL Manual to be live online soon. Angela Higdon has been our champion on this and we look forward to bringing her baby into daylight.

Enrollment in the SunPower Solar Energy Academies is going strong and we have extended the deadline for the Marin Academy to April 29; this partnership has solidified a business-education link for us to work toward transforming student experience and has been the medium for which we can pilot the Academy for expansion to the rest of our region and set guidelines for other similar partnerships in the future.

Napa High at Google
Napa High Students Visit Google Campus
School Spotlight

On January 14th,  St. Helena Computer Science students job shadowed at Google. "None of this would have happened without the CPT Grant!" -Napa Pathway Coach Lacey Boatman. If you would like to get your picture in the running for the next newsletter highlight, post something NCCPAmazing on our  Facebook page.
Spotlight on Renee Solari
Renee Solari, a Shining Light
Industry Spotlight

When you first meet her, 
Renee Solari  likes to tell you she was born for the solar industry given her last name. What she won't immediately tell you is that she embodies the fulfillment possible when connection industry and education are braided together.

"I have discovered that this work fulfills my higher purpose.  When a student gains inspiration and confidence from participating in the Solar Energy Academy and finds their North Star to pursue a job or college degree that is directed towards renewable energy I am deeply moved and fueled to make these programs better and bigger."

We are grateful to you, Renee, for being a part of the Pathway Education movement and for helping scores of NCCPA students this summer follow the light from their own North Stars.
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