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I always enjoy the end of the year as an opportunity to reflect on successes, hold gratitude for the opportunities that have been presented and take a moment for rejuvenation and recharge.  To that end, you will find heart warming stories of how our students and businesses have experienced success in NCCPA supported programs.  (See the K12 and industry spotlights in this issue.)
Work-based learning has been an integral part of NCCPA.  It has afforded the opportunity for students to connect with real-world applications of their learning, and for businesses to engage with the next generation workforce and teachers, partially in the form of externships to connect their classroom design to future success for their students. We at NCCPA were fortunate to be able to connect with SunPower to host summer academies for K12 students and many more summer boot camps are being hosted at community colleges to offer students early college experiences.  Step Up courses for middle school students are hosted at our partner high schools to help students prepare to select a pathway that is right for them. We are very excited about these summer opportunities and appreciate all the work that is done in classrooms throughout the year to cultivate work based learning as an instructional strategy.
Regional staff has been hard at work bolstering communications in an effort to share these successes and opportunities more effectively.  In addition to this newsletter; which I encourage you to share with your partners, teachers, staff, boards; we have re-engaged with our facebook page, @NCpathwayalliance.  Please like and share, as well as link this facebook page to those of your organizations.  We have also created a place for you to share your successes and opportunities, #ncpathwaystories, please tag us and share your accomplishments and undertakings throughout the year.  As always, our website,  www.ncpathwayalliance.org , is up and running and houses many tools to support your pathway development and implementation such as the new work based learning manual that can guide you to successful experiences for your students.
Enjoy your summers; we look forward to taking time to recharge our batteries and returning with renewed enthusiasm for these efforts.
Gina Dickson, NCCPA Grant Director

K12 Spotlight

Since 2013, Solano County has been running a very exciting program focused on preparing students for success in the workplace.
The Work-Ready! Certification program began as a partnership between Solano County Office of Education, Travis Credit Union, Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce and Fairfield-Suisun Unified School district, and was designed to teach students essential work-ready skills as identified by local business partners.
The 3-week interactive program, which runs for an hour and a half each day after school includes workshops in such topics as Adapting to Change, Teamwork, Customer Service, Financial Literacy, Social Media, Resumes and Interview Techniques.  Students are required to attend every workshop and are interviewed by business partners at the end of the program.  It is these business partners who ultimately decide whether the student should be certified as "work-ready".
While the program was piloted in the Fairfield-Suisun school district, it has since grown to include numerous school districts and business partners across Solano County.  The program has even been a model for programs in other parts of the state.
Article by Angela Higdon, Regional Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Industry Spotlight - Industry Sector Partnerships in the Region

Napa Hospitality Industry Sector Partnership

The region's workforce development boards committed themselves in 2015 to launching and incubating Industry Sector Partnerships (ISPs) as a primary method for engaging productively with key employers in priority industries.
ISPs are regional and industry-specific collaborations between "Industry Partners" and "Community Support Partners" focusing on meeting the workforce and other competitiveness needs of their industry. ISPs create highly customized responses targeting the industry's greatest needs.
"Industry Partners" represent the employers in the region and industry, while "Community Support Partners" represent the industry's stakeholders, including those representing workforce development, education, economic development, community-based organizations, local government and organized labor.
ISPs are typically:
  • Industry driven (industry partners determine the partnership's goals and objectives)
  • Regional (whatever geographic area makes the most sense to the industry partners)
  • Not limited to workforce training issues (although the "workforce" is usually a high priority)
  • Long-term partnerships (the lifespan depends on the partnership's goals and objectives)
  • Convened/launched by a credible 3rd party (such as a workforce board)
The following outlines recent ISP activities in the North Bay region:

Napa Hospitality Industry Partnership (Napa HIP)
Napa HIP's stated purpose is to invest in the future of the Napa Hospitality Industry through employer and community collaboration, industry education and employee sustainability, in efforts to build a world-class workforce that supports the industry's growth.
Launched in 2016, Napa HIP is led by lodging and restaurant employers in Napa County, and supported by a range of community partners.
Napa HIP made strong progress in Spring 2017 by finalizing its action plan, which focuses on addressing immediate worker shortages, building up the long-term pipeline of talent, and supporting progress on policies to increase housing and improve transportation (more detail available  here ).
In March, Napa HIP hosted its first Career & Opportunity Fair, which involved 18 businesses, a wide range of community partners, and had the goal of both connecting jobseekers with employers, and also raising awareness about jobs and growth opportunities in the hospitality industry (sample resources shared here ). 154 jobseekers came through the door and 62 people were interviewed during the event. Learn more and follow the partnership's progress at NapaHIP.com
For more info or to get involved in this partnership, contact: Janine Spadafore Kaiser
Phone: (510) 542-9138  |  Email: kaiser@compasspolicy.com

Marin-Sonoma Healthcare Partnership
The Marin-Sonoma Healthcare Partnership launched at Petaluma Health Center on April 20, 2017 with 30 healthcare industry leaders and 16 community support partners. The businesses in attendance were from major hospitals, health centers, home care, senior care, and skilled nursing facilities.
The community partners were comprised of Marin-Sonoma Workforce Boards, Economic Development Boards, Junior Colleges, County Offices of Education, Adult Ed, and other support partners.
The partnership's stated purpose is defined as follows:
  • To jointly create an agenda that supports the stability and growth of the Healthcare industry in Marin and Sonoma counties
  • To commit to coordinated action and implementation of shared high priority areas by public and private sector partners
  • To create a forum for the county's healthcare industry for consistent, high quality connections, networking, information and idea sharing
The businesses moved forward on five areas of collective action during a series of conference calls on May 16 th . They were selected based on need and early wins. Businesses signed up to work on one or more of the following topics:
  • Critical Occupations & Barriers
  • Cost of Living & Workforce Retention
  • Problematic Points of Transition
  • Electronic Records & Information Exchange
  • Build This Partnership
The partnership agreed to meet as a full group on a quarterly basis, with the individual committees to meet as needed, including new members.
For more info or to get involved in this partnership, contact: Nancy Keene
Phone: (707) 565-5617  |  Email: nkeene@schsd.org  

Napa-Solano Healthcare Industry Partnership
The stated purpose of the Solano-Napa Healthcare Industry Partnership is:
  • To jointly create an agenda that supports the stability and growth of the Healthcare industry in Solano-Napa counties;
  • To commit to coordinated action and implementation of shared, high priority areas by public and private sector partners.
  • To create a forum for the region's healthcare industry for consistent, high quality connections, networking, information and idea sharing.
Following the launch of the Napa-Solano Healthcare Partnership in December 2016, healthcare leaders have been focusing on a few main priority areas:
  • Training & Education (including a focus on elder care)
  • Using and Sharing Data
  • "Making this Partnership Work"
Throughout the early Spring, these committees convened and defined goals for 2017. Leaders from the Training & Education committee identified two immediate objectives:
  • Develop an inventory of existing education and training offerings related to healthcare in the region
  • Develop a survey to understand highest priority workforce needs
In May 2017, the full Partnership reconvened, and reviewed the inventory and survey the committee drafted, and provided feedback. The Partnership's next step is to promote the survey, analyze survey results, and leverage the findings to inform next actions.
For more info or to get involved in this partnership, contact: Brian Hooker
Phone: (707) 863-3588  |  Email: bhooker@solanowdb.org

Mendocino and Lake Counties
Mendocino County has also made significant efforts toward greater employer involvement. Business roundtables are planned for after July 1 and will include Lake County. Employer involvement and engagement activities are underway and include identifying and attending local employer/business roundtables currently in place, including Mendocino County Human Resource Council, Human Services Panel, local chambers, etc. Additional efforts have included face-to-face meetings with local employers and the creation and distribution of an employer newsletter.
For more info or to get involved in industry partnership activities in Mendocino/Lake Counties, contact: Debbie Dockins (Holmes)
Phone: (707) 467-5590  |  Email: dockinsd@mendocinocounty.org  
Article by Jim Cassio, NCCPA Business/ Education Liaison

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