As a school in its 168th year of continuous operation, we have been blessed with a countless number of graduates who have become difference makers in their jobs and social circles. Men and women who live out the Gospel message daily and who have represented the ideals of a Catholic education at the highest level.
Each winter, during our celebration of Catholic Schools Week, we recognize one of our graduates with the presentation of the National Catholic Education Association's Distinguished Graduate Award. It is an opportunity to acknowledge a graduate who has succeeded in his/her professional career and who has also used their God-given gifts and talents for the betterment of their community.
Listening to the accomplishments of the recipient is not only impactful to the attentive students sitting in the church pews, but it also gratifying to the current teachers who represent the educators that helped parents in putting these alums on the right track academically and morally.
Such recognition is equally impressive for parents in attendance as it validates their perceptions of the caliber of student who matriculates from Saints Peter and Paul School.
In essence, this award is a great marketing tool for a school to use in recruiting young families by showcasing the success of its alumni. You can have professionally produced brochures, an amazing website, and take out ads in local newspapers and magazines, but none of it can compare to the impact that accomplished graduates can have on a school's enrollment.
We are now seeking your input in determining who this year's recipient will be. If you would like to recommend a SSPP graduate, please click on this link to see a list of past recipients and an opportunity to complete the nominating form.
Nominations are due back in the Advancement Office by Friday, November 13.
This year’s presentation will take place at our 1:15 pm school Mass on Thursday, February 4.

Volume 8, No. 11
October 15, 2020
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When our school was founded in 1853….

.....children celebrating Halloween did not ring neighbors doorbells and yell "trick or treat."   Although it is unknown precisely where and when the phrase “trick or treat” was coined, the custom had been firmly established in American popular culture by 1951, when trick-or-treating was depicted in the Peanuts comic strip. In 1952, Disney produced a cartoon called “Trick or Treat” featuring Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie.
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