How does it work?
With this special offer, the discounted price to obtain the National Certification is only $600. For $100 down you get the training manual to study, and NCEA is loaning you the remaining $500. You can be NCEA Certified by the end of July and have a year to pay for it!

To begin, purchase the NCEA Training Manual for $100* HERE
* With this purchase you are agreeing that within 365 days of this order, you will pay back NCEA with 10 installments of $50. Your receipt email will have a link to download ten $50 payment slips. Each payment must be made with a check or money order. No credit cards will be accepted.

Start your studying, then follow 3 STEPS:
STEP 1 - Complete Candidate Application Requirements
STEP 2 - Send your Application to NCEA Executive Offices
STEP 3 - Schedule your Proctored Exam by July 30th, 2020.

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How can I take the National Exam at home?
NCEA has been providing Online Proctoring for over two years now. Learn more under STEP 2 - AUTHORIZATION TO TEST

What are the Candidate Application Requirements?
Due to COVID-19 the application has been modified.

  1. Copy of your current Esthetician or Cosmetologist license (with a copy of your Driver’s License)
  2. Current copy of CPR/AED/First Aid Certificate *Use the Online course option link here
  3. Current NCEA Individual Membership Certificate (attach copy)
  4. Current Proof of Insurance (attach copy)
  5. In lieu of professional passport photos, attach a regular photo (2x2 if possible)
  6. Knowledge Reviews (tear out of Training Manual and attach – DO NOT TRIM EDGES)
  7. This IOU of $500 is payable in full 365 days from date on the training manual invoice.

ANY QUESTIONS? Contact NCEA @ 201-670-4100
NCEA Executive offices will continue to be open as we can remotely manage the association from the safety of our homes. Thank you for your concern. Be safe too!

At this time, the US Postal Service will maintain mail delivery. If this changes, we will accept scanned Candidate Applications with supporting documents.