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March 17th Edition
NCEC School Spotlight

MLS - WorkKeys Stars!
Seven MLS Seniors took the WorkKeys test this month, and five passed all three tests!

Two of the seniors scored 7s on one of their tests. Only 34 other students of the 303 students NCEC has tested since 2014 have scored a 7 on a WorkKeys test. Now it's 36 out of 310!

Congratulations to MLS and the five seniors who now qualify for the $6000 ND state scholarship!
Professional Development
Self-Paced Classes Available on the ND Educational Hub
Literacy Coach PLC Starts
NCEC held it’s first Coaches PLC on March 4th. Coaches from the region met virtually to start building a support system with each other and discuss hot topics. 

Five schools in the NCEC region were awarded CLSD grant funding enabling them to hire Literacy Coaches, and most coaches are new to the role. The opportunity to network and share challenges and successes with colleagues in the same role will be crucial to their grant success.

The first meeting centered on introductions, sharing grant goals, and discussing interventions.
Coaches from MLS, Dunseith, Bottineau, St John, TMMS, and Westhope attended. 
The next scheduled dates are April 8th and May 6th

To request a meeting invite, contact Mandy
March 22 - April 9

The first training in the series will focus on the beginning stages of language and literacy. The training will look at the progression of a child’s language from infancy through age five and the critical role that the adult and the environment play in this development.
Why Try Guide for Parents
Why Try has created a resource for parents called The Parent Guide to Resilience

Share with your families--It's free!

Behavioral Health Resources
Gratitude--A Stress Reduction Tool

When we express gratitude, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions, and they make us feel ‘good’. They enhance our mood immediately, making us feel happy from the inside.

Try one of these gratitude exercises today:
  • Write a thank you note
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Think of three things you are grateful for every day

21st CCLC
NCEC 21st CCLC Program Receives Flexible Time Waiver
NCEC applied for a waiver through the Department of Public Instruction to allow its 21st CCLC sites to offer programming during regular school hours if the school day schedule was altered due to COVID.

This approved waiver enables sites to provide supplemental activities when school is in session, but students are not receiving in-person instruction, such as permitting a teacher to provide additional academic supports during remote learning. 

The application was approved March 12.

NCEC 21st CCLC sites wishing to take advantage of the waiver should submit their revised activity proposal to Aimee as soon as possible.

Grades K-2
  • Mon., March 22 Social & Emotional Learning 
  • Mon., March 29 STEAM & Problem-based Learning 
  • Thurs., April 15 21st Century Skills & the 4Cs 
  • Tues., April 20 Career Exploration & Community Partners 
  • Mon., April 26 Social & Emotional Learning

Grades 3-5
  • Thurs., March 18 Career Exploration & Community Partners 
  • Tues., March 23 Social & Emotional Learning 
  • Tues., April 6 STEAM & Problem-based Learning 
  • Mon., April 12 21st Century Skills & the 4Cs 
  • Thurs., April 22 Career Exploration & Community Partners 
  • Tues., April 27 Social & Emotional Learning

Grades 6-8
  • Thurs., March 25 Social & Emotional Learning 
  • Thurs., April 8 STEAM & Problem-based Learning 
  • Tues., April 13 21st Century Skills & the 4Cs 
  • Mon., April 19 Career Exploration & Community Partners 
  • Thurs., April 29 Social & Emotional Learning
Student Supports
Virtual STEM Career Day Month Kicks Off!
Students from 12 area schools are registered for Virtual STEM Day/Month

Angie Bartholomay, Dakota College at Bottineau Science Professor, packed up all the kits and hit the road this week to deliver materials to the schools registered for Virtual STEM Day/Month.

Student activities include:
  • 6 Steps to Better Photography
  • Hologram Illusion Projector
  • DNA Extraction
  • Outbreak--How a Virus Spreads
  • Be Amphibious (frog dissection)
  • Eye KNOWledge (eye dissection)
  • Measuring the Wind
  • Virtual Greenhouse Tour & Plant Propagation
  • Exploring for Oil--Be a Geologist for a Day

Follow NCEC on social media to see pictures of all the fun projects!