A Call to Action, a Call for Solidarity
George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Tony McDade. David McAtee. Ahmaud Arbery.

We remember their names. Too many more names and lives lost will never be publicly known.

We have struggled to express our outrage, pain and sadness. In a time when Black and Brown people face multiple crises simultaneously: the coronavirus pandemic, police brutality, and outright murder. Expressions are not enough. We must take action. 

If we are advocates for social change, we must do our part.  We know we won’t have all the answers. In fact, we may have none of the answers but we must work together to find the solutions.  

As a coalition, it’s time to assess our own biases and the issues and people we say we prioritize.  Are we in fact centering the experiences of the most vulnerable?   What will we do differently to create equity, inclusion, and liberation for all? 

Nothing will change until we can acknowledge the uncomfortable truths that may come to light. This is but a beginning step among many that we must take. We make the commitment to do better, and to be accountable to ourselves, to our colleagues, and our communities.

We join in solidarity with other community members and organizations doing this critical work.  Please reach out to us with your thoughts and ideas about how we can collaborate with one another by emailing info@ncedsv.org.
Here are steps to take immediate action:

#WhatMatters2020 : Educate yourself.

The National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community : Resources for domestic and sexual violence.

 Register to vote : Today, June 4th, is the last day.

Civic Engagement Toolkit : What you need to know about voting in Nevada.

Sign the petitions demanding justice for Breonna Taylor , Ahmaud Arbery , George Floyd and Tony McDade .

Donate to the Black Lives Matter movement.