Newsletter │Volume 1│ 2019 
A financial joke to ring in the new year. May we all make economically & financially sound and purposeful decisions in 2019.
Winkler Memorial Scholarship
Mr. Mark Winkler, NCEE’s Executive Chair from 2011 to 2017, left an indelible legacy. He was an incredible leader, mentor, and friend. He was passionate about economic and financial education. Even in passing, he is still providing support for NCEE and Nebraska economics teachers. Mark’s memorial funds have allowed us to establish a scholarship fund to support Nebraska teachers who wish to earn a master’s degree in economic education. His legacy continues.
This scholarship is open to Nebraska teachers pursuing a Masters of Economics and Entrepreneurship for Educators.
The scholarship covers housing and transportation to/from residential summer program. 

Impact Across the State
Wayne State Regional
Business Challenge
Wayne State College offered a new event this year for students interested in Business. THE BUSINESS CHALLENGE was held on the Wayne State College campus in Gardner Hall on October 24, 2018. 130 students representing 15 area high schools learned about making decisions that business leaders often face. The day's event included:
  • Leading economic and industry indicators
  • Target markets and recent trends in social media
  • Using technology
  • Operations management
  • Social responsibility and many other skills

The event was a success and many schools look forward to participating next year.
Students working hard and making decisions as they form their company.
Dr. Lindsey Doctorman prepares to present the Business of the Year award to Yankton High School, South Dakota.
Fall Competition Winners Announced
Thank you to our participating teams! We had 37 teams in the Middle School division and 439 teams in the High School division.

High School Division                      Teacher
1 st   Arthur County HS          Tammie Swanson
2 nd Hay Springs HS             Melissa Lein
3 rd       Arthur County HS          Tammie Swanson
4 th       Millard South HS            Seth Woodke
5 th       Thedford HS                   Jamie Taylor
6 th       Columbus HS                  Kari Tunink
7 th        Arlington HS                   Shawna Koger
8 th        Millard South                  Seth Woodke
9 th        Elkhorn HS                     Sam Stanley
10 th      Loomis Secondary           Hannah Robison

Middle School Division                   Teacher
1 st         Lux Middle School           Diane Slaby
2 nd        Lux Middle School           Diane Slaby
3 rd         Lux Middle School           Diane Slaby

The Personal Finance Challenge Spring competition begins April 1, 2019 and Nebraska Regional Finals will be held on April 26, 2019.
Keeping Holiday Credit Under Control
The Christmas holiday is over. For many, now comes the reckoning. If you charge the holiday, the new year is the perfect time to put a plan in place to pay it off and prepare for next year.
Stock Market Game
Fall Winners
High School Division –243 participating teams
1 st North Star High School       Tony Kobza           
2 nd Waverly High School              Tara Bohaboj          
3 rd High Plains High School         Jessica Hatfield      
4 th North Bend Central HS           Ryan Stieren         
5 th Axtell High School                    Chris Callan           
6 th Lincoln Southwest HS              Josh Hinrichs        
7 th Columbus High School             Jeri Otten               
8 th Blue Hill High School                Ben Jones              
9 th Bellevue West High School      Wade Tracy            
10 th North Star High School             Tony Kobza            

Middle School Division – 48 participating teams
1st     Gretna                      April Vieth              
2 nd     Arlington MS            Shawna Koger        
3 rd      Schoo MS                Heather Steiner    
Elementary School Division – 21 participating teams
1 st        Mary Lynch               Laurie Janicek         
2 nd      Brownell Talbot           Cassie Grant         
3 rd      Cross County                 Suzanne Ericson

Spring trading starts January 14 ~ register your teams here
Join Us!
We appreciate your interest in the Council. Our goal is to create opportunities for economic and financial education throughout Nebraska. Let's set up a time to talk about how we can work together.

Econ Challenge Fall Champions
Adam Smith Division
1 st          Millard North                      Jeff Gustafson         MN 1
2 nd         Millard West                        Melissa Schram        Wildcats 12
3 rd          Millard West                       Melissa Schram        Wildcats 10
4 th           Millard West                       Melissa Schram       Wildcats 17                
5 th          Creighton Prep                  Trent Goldsmith       CP AP Micro All-Stars
6 th           Waverly                              Shawn Ekwall           Waverly High School #1
7 th           Millard West                        Melissa Schram       Wildcats 13
8 th           Millard South                       Seth Woodke           Team 6
9 th           Millard West                        Melissa Schram       Wildcats 16
10 th         Millard South                       Seth Woodke           Team 7

David Ricardo Division
1 st          Creighton Prep                    Trent Goldsmith       Bit-O-Coin
2 nd         Creighton Prep                   Trent Goldsmith       CP 3
3 rd          Creighton Prep                    Trent Goldsmith       CP 1
4 th          Seward                                Wade Miller             Seward Bluejays
5 th          Creighton Prep                     Trent Goldsmith        GOOOAAALL
6 th          Lincoln Southeast                 Lindsay Tillinghast    LSE FBLA Knights!
7 th          Lincoln Southeast                 Lindsay Tillinghast    LSE Knights!
8 th          Waverly                                 Shawn Ekwall            Waverly 4A
9 th          Creighton Prep                      Trent Goldsmith        The Carbo Crushers
10 th        Creighton Prep                      Trent Goldsmith        Economics>Fantasy Football

Milton Friedman Middle School Division
1 st          Park Middle School             Lori Luedtke             Park Team 2
2 nd         Lux Middle School              Diane Slaby             Lux B18
3 rd         Lux Middle School               Diane Slaby              Lux A18
4 th          Park Middle School             Lori Luedtke             Park Team 1
5 th          Lux Middle School              Diane Slaby              Lux C18

The spring competition starts March 4 and ends March 26, 2019.
Curriculum Corner / Lesson Spotlight
Financial Avenue is Inceptia's online, no cost, financial education program, Financial Avenue, mentors students on the basics of personal finance while talking to them on their level. Based on the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Financial Literacy and Education Commission's financial education core competencies, this program provides relevant financial education information to students in a format that inspires action.
Upcoming events:

January 12

January 14

January 18
4th Omaha High School Business Competition

January 30
Best of the West Business Invitational ~ Register here

February 1
2nd UNO Econ and Accounting Day

February 8
American Business Contest-UNL

March 4 - 26

March 15
Loper Business Invitational