Newsletter │Volume 3│ 2022
Mark Winkler, NCEE Executive Chair
Matt Pierson, Winkler Memorial
Scholarship Recipient
Winkler Memorial Scholarship Continues to Support Educators
Mr. Mark Winkler served as NCEE’s Executive Chair from 2011 to 2017. Through his generous legacy, Mark’s memorial funds have allowed us to establish a scholarship to support Nebraska teachers wishing to earn a master’s degree in economic education. He was an incredible leader, mentor, and friend. He was passionate about economic and financial education.

His legacy continues through the educators who have been awarded the scholarship.
The latest recipient, Matt Pierson, will complete his program of study in 2023. Matt is a teacher at Bryan High School in Omaha. One of the many ways he impacts students is by offering a duel enrollment classes in economics.
Girl Scouts Get Financial Education
Dr. Jamie Wagner, Director, UNO Center for Economic Education and Dr. Jennifer Davidson, NCEE President presented to Girl Scouts in the YWeAchieve program. The workshop topics included budgeting, credit and entrepreneurship.
New MBA Business & IT Education Track
Offered at UNK
The new MBA track – Business and Information Technology Education offered at UNK College of Business & Technology is officially live and ready for students to enroll this fall! The MBA track was created to meet the demands of all those transitioning from industry to teaching.
Students will complete their initial certification in BMIT by taking required content and education courses. Simultaneously, or following the completion of their certification, they can work on the MBA core courses to earn a Masters as well.
If you know of anyone interested in transitioning from industry to teaching BMIT or if you are a current or past BMIT TCP student from UNK that would like to look into how this could work for you, please contact Alyse Pflanz at
Academic Competitions
Professional Development
Econ Book Club 2022
Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing
Teachers discuss the Econ Book Club selection and receive additional instruction from Dr. Wagner on content for use in their classrooms.
Author, Jacob Goldstein, shares insight on his book Money: The True Story of a Made Up Thing with Econ Book Club participants.
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