Newsletter │Volume 5│ 2019 
State Nebraska Bank & Trust Opens 30th
In School Savings Branch
Wayne Elementary School partnering with State Nebraska Bank & Trust and supported by our Wayne Center for Economic Education opened the Blue Devil Branch the 30th branch of the In School Savings Program. 131 students opened accounts and 98 students made deposits with State Nebraska Bank matching up to $5 in each account for a total opening deposit of $490.

Students are encouraged to save each week and receive increasing prizes for consistently saving. Each year the Blue Devil Branch will select tellers who are trained and supervised by State Nebraska Bank & Trust staff.
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Financial Fitness for Life Workshop in Kearney
Kearney Center Director, Alyse Pflanz, led the teacher professional development program Financial Fitness for Life at the University of Nebraska, Kearney on October 12, 2019. Area educators received valuable financial literacy curriculum and demonstrations on how to implement the lessons in their classrooms.

Impact Across the State
Alana Cardinal Represents Nebraska at Jump$tart Conference
Through our partnership with Jump$tart we are able to sponsor educators to travel to the Jump$tart Annual Conference. This year's conference was held in Washington D.C. This year Alana Cardinal from Valentine High School attended. Alana stated, "It was an honor to represent Nebraska at this conference. Thank you for sponsoring my attendance! There were several things that made this event amazing to me-- a full, but not too full schedule; an opportunity to meet educators from around the nation; appreciation for teachers...exposure to more curriculum materials than I can possibly use... This was a wonderful experience for me...thank you for this opportunity and your support!" This is the result of not only our partnerships, but of our Guffey Scholarship Fund provided by contributions from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska.
Fall Online Competition Ends December 3
Beatrice High Named Champions of
Wildcat Business Invitational
Overall Winners of the Wildcat Business Competiton:

Beatrice High School - Champions
Seward High School - 2nd Place
Wausa High School - 3rd Place
1st place- Job Interview
Personal Finance 1st - 3rd place
Economics 1st -5th place
Wayne State College Center for Economic Education hosted the inaugural Wildcat Business Invitational on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. The competition welcomed over 150 students from 15 schools throughout Nebraska. The students participated in several skill tests including Business Calculations, Economics, Accounting and Personal Finance and a Job Interview section for seniors.

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Nebraska Social Studies Standards Updated and Approved
On November 8, the Nebraska State Board of Education unanimously approved the revised Social Studies Standards.The process of updating social studies standards happens every seven years. Jennifer Davidson, NCEE President, led the economics and financial literacy writing team in the 18 month revision process.

Curriculum Corner / Lesson Spotlight
EconEdLink is a premier source of free classroom-tested, Internet-based economic and personal finance lesson materials for K-12 teachers and their students. With over 435 lessons to choose from, teachers can use as many of the lessons as they would like and as often as they would like. The Internet-based lessons are targeted for K-12 teachers and their students. Many of the lessons include a teacher's version as well as a student's version. Each of the lessons are designed to be delivered in a variety of formats and classroom settings.
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December 6
Fall Stock Market Competition ends

January 13 - April 10
Spring Stock Market Game

January 24
UNO High School Business Competition

January 29
Best of the West High School Business Competition-Chadron