NCET Biz Tips Newsletter
Sept 27, 2019
Nutrient Foods
Oct 9 - 5:30 pm
Shawna Guarino
How to build your bio/elevator pitch

Oct 16 - 2 pm
Amber Barnes
Retention: Investing in Employees

Oct 23 - 11 am
You’ve taken the time to attend a network event, make conversation, and create some connections. What’s next? Here are 5 suggested steps to keep the conversation going...

Any successful relationship is built on clear communication. It’s true in marriages. And it’s equally true in the relationship between brands and influencers. In a study published by my firm, The Abbi Agency, our research finds that social media influencers commonly cite weak communication with brands as their biggest headache — and a reason that influencer-based initiatives fail to deliver on their...

The word 'community' is defined as a group of people living in the same place OR having a particular characteristic in common. Northern Nevada is home to several organizations characterized by a unique intersection of living in proximity and sharing the same professional values and ambitions - they each represent 'community' in every sense of the word.

The act of registering and paying membership dues won't inherently equate to full immersion in any networking community. Here are some easy-to-implement strategies centered on getting the most out of any professional organization...

With the back-to-school season in full swing, many business owners find themselves leaving behind vacations and relaxing getaways and getting ready to get back to it. This has many business owners feeling inspired to make updates and upgrades in their business. Here are a few tips to make sure your business is ready...

You're telling a prospect something completely exciting about your product and you notice that their eyebrows are tightly knitted together. You're not sure what is going on, but you keep talking just in case they haven't gotten how exciting your service really is.

If you did notice that the eyebrow scrunch flashes across your prospect's face in a microsecond, you may have noticed a "fleeting facial expression of disbelief." Did it register? Or is it something that you didn't even....

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