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Aug 11, 2018
 Danny Heinsohn
Aug 15 - 3 pm
CJ Manthe
Business Resources
Aug 29 - 11 am
Switch TAHOE RENO the Citadel Campus
Sep 12: 12:30/3 pm
The Citadel Campus is a technology fortress secured behind imposing 40-foot high, solid concrete walls. Inside, proprietary armed security enforce stringent protocols that protect the most mission critical data for hundreds of world leading enterprises and Fortune 100 corporations, health care leaders, governments, financial institutions and more.
The achievement seemed unimaginable in September 1997 when Apple teetered on the edge of bankruptcy and founder Steve Jobs rejoined the company. If someone had dared to buy $10,000 worth of Apple stock at that point of desperation, the investment would now be worth about $2.6 million

Back when many cities had just three TV stations and you had to walk to the TV to change channels, I looked forward to TV Guide’s Fall Preview of new and returning shows. With that in mind, here’s my annual NCET’s Fall Preview of programs and events designed to help Northern Nevada’s small businesses and entrepreneurs.
In 2013, the entrepreneurial landscape in Northern Nevada was a barren desert. Five years later, the horizon for both entrepreneurs and investors looks vastly more fruitful and green — in more ways than one.

Your commute to work, to school or to the store may seem like standard everyday events, but for Zong Tian, a professor in the University of Nevada, Reno’s civil and environmental engineering department, it is anything but standard. His work can help drivers have a better commute.

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you struggling to make things happen? The pathways to successful entrepreneurship are unpredictable!

But one constant commonality, even above education or experience, is drive. Successful entrepreneurs from all backgrounds share a relentless tenacity that is perhaps the best predictor of success. This is the magic of entrepreneurship.
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