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Sept 13, 2019
Body Language Myths and Magic
Sept 18 - 2 pm
NCET Small Business Expo
Sept 20 - 10 am
How to Train
Your Brain
Sept 25 - 11 am
It's nice to attract the Teslas and [other large tech companies], but it's very interesting to see a small business which engages with a lot of those large companies and goes from 10 employees to 100 employees to 1,000 employees and the effect around them. The incidental jobs and other small businesses that want to be around them and are attracted to this state because of...

The NCET Small Business Expo is Northern Nevada’s largest and oldest business-to-business expo. The annual expo provides business owners an opportunity to network with more than 1,000 businesspeople, meet over 100 exhibitors and learn from five different educational sessions. Admission for small business owners is free with...

Why is this even important? The name of the game in social media is reach. Knowing and using the proper video ratio will increase your numbers. More views/clicks/engagement for less money.  eam CERBERUS is one of 11 robotics teams from around the world participating in the exclusive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s DARPA Subterranean Challenge navigating aerial and ground robots in a defunct...

Cinammon Davies and Renee McGinnes have been re-elected to the board of directors of NCET, a member-supported non-profit that produces educational and networking events to help people explore businesses and technology.

Davies, re-elected as NCET’s vice president of newsletters and social media, also serves as the organization’s corporate secretary. 

McGinnes has been re-elected vice president of Biz Bite for NCET.

“The service of focused, dedicated professionals such Cinammon and Renee on the NCET board are critical to the organization’s continued success,” said Dave Archer, president and CEO of the nonprofit. “Their work makes a substantial contribution to the thriving technology and business communities in northern Nevada.”

The University Economic Development Association 2019 Annual Summit convenes in Reno Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2019, bringing a projected 250 attendees to explore manageable, scalable and impactful programs and projects that can be implemented by...

Nevada was the first state to approve rules for testing autonomous vehicles, and Las Vegas is spearheading research into the potential benefits of self-driving vehicle technology. Cutting-edge projects like Go Med are exploring ways to speed travel through autonomous shuttles in the...

NCET is an award-winning member-supported nonprofit organization that produces educational and networking events to help people explore businesses and technology.
NCET's programs include the NCET Small Business Expo , the NCET Tech Awards  and the monthly Tech Wednesday, Biz Cafe and Biz Bite events.