NCET Biz Tips Newsletter
Oct 3, 2020
Haws Corporation


Oct 14 - 3 pm
NCET Tech Awards


Oct 21 - 3 pm
Humanizing Virtual Workplace Communication


Oct 28 - 12 pm
Communicating remotely is and will always be important as we navigate a digital world. The smallest of details can improve the quality of your digital interactions. So as we see it, there’s no better time to share some remote communication tips and tricks. The Noble Studios team came together for a little refresher presentation on what we lovingly call “how not to be a vidiot.”

Now we’re at the ominous-sounding “marketing plan” step, which I promise, should not inspire thumb-sucking and cold sweats. In fact, if you do a basic search of your favorite engine, you’ll discover countless tips about developing a marketing plan — including the fact that a good one includes anywhere from four to 267 “fundamental...

While massive wildfires continue to rage across California lands at a never-before-seen pace, the state’s National Guard is filling the skies with air tankers and helicopters to suppress the fires and rescue people trapped amid billowing smoke and fast-moving flames. A veteran-owned tech company based in Reno is helping Cal Guard keep track of...

Why is knowing the value of my business important? What are the benefits of hiring a business consultant? NCET’s panel of business and technology experts answer your questions in our monthly column...

While Uber is synonymous with ridesharing, Homebite hopes to carve out its own niche in “foodsharing” for...

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