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Mar 6, 2020
Zebra Pulsed Power Laboratory

Mar 11 - 5:30 pm
Mikalee Byerman
The Secret Science of Happiness at Work

Mar 18 - 2 pm
2020 NCET Tech Awards

Early Bird Rates are Active NOW-Mar 9

March 26 - 5 pm
Dave Archer has been re-elected as president and CEO of NCET, a member-supported non-profit that produces educational and networking events to help people explore business and technology.

Re-elected to the NCET board were Mikalee Byerman, Jon Edmondo, Annie Flanzraich, Andy Jorgensen, and Henry Merschel.

Have a business or technology question? Send it to and if selected, NCET's panel of business and technology experts will answer it in our new monthly column.

Mikalee Byerman & Chris Boline tackle your questions in this edition of Ask NCET!

On April 22, body language expert Alexanne Stone will explore how body language influences all levels of communication, including a visual presentation of body language exhibited by some well-known individuals.

Here are two key takeaways Stone's audience can expect from this Biz Bite:

1) A plethora of information about themselves and how they present to others at the unconscious level.

2) Skills to help them improve their...

We're in an era where cybersecurity is more important than ever, but the workforce is woefully behind with more than 500,000 cybersecurity jobs waiting to be filled...

Where can you see a zebra and a leopard that generate as much heat as the sun? Just a little north of Reno at the Zebra Pulsed Power Laboratory (ZPPL)...

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