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Sept 7, 2018
Switch TAHOE RENO the Citadel Campu s
Sept 12: SOLD OUT
How a Diverse Workforce Improves Your Bottom Line
Sept 19 - 3 pm
The Internet and You: Protecting Your Privacy Part 2
Sept 26 - 11 am
We have all heard of bitcoin, because bitcoin is sexy. The blockchain technology behind bitcoin, however, has the potential to streamline and automate hundreds of unsexy processes we use every day. Blockchain is not about money. It’s about trust.
As both the product manager of Everything Nevada and the social media and content manager for Sierra Nevada Media Group, Brook Bentley focuses on communication and the value of a digital and social presence for a business.

A regional expert in social media, Caren Roblin is Sierra Nevada Media Group’s director of content. She works with several newsrooms around Northern Nevada on social media best practices, transitioning into a “newsroom of the future” mindset and the creation of new online products, such as FoodLore.

Are you advertising on Facebook?

Ads on the world’s biggest social network are attractive because of their low barrier to entry and potential effectiveness to reach new customers, but what if your Facebook ads aren’t working?

Brook and Caren are ready to share their secrets to social media success with you.

Has your boss ever asked you to charge a business expense to your personal credit card? Have you ever been left in anticipation waiting for your reimbursement to hit your account? Do you know the pain of having to reconcile a plethora of expenses? Jodi Jung explores the virtues of virtual pay...
What can we learn of plagues, wars, and industrialization frozen in time? What will be revealed by world renowned scientists as they discuss #IceIceBaby...

Ametherm announced its product lineup for The Battery Show 2018, taking place September 11th-13th, in Novi, Michigan.

Oh my gosh #Becky... Look at her bulbs... They are so last century...

How much does setting the right money spending mood lighting matter for your prospective customers? Is there a magical lighting temperature that makes visitors to your showroom more likely to purchase from your business? Ready for an illuminating discussion on how to ask the right questions, to find the right lighting, for any space?

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